What is the Archangelic Calendar & why it's important

The Roman Catholic Calendar has dictated the ebb and flow of planet earth since the Faux Fall of Rome, which was completely “fingere” (pretend) as they say at the vatican. This was done because the empire was falling and they needed another way to enslave planet earth without the use of direct force.

They knew that, if you know the energetic habits of a group, you can easily control them, not to mention syphon and feed upon their fluxes at opportune times and situations. This was done for a few reasons, but most predominantly because this energy of suffering is their literal food.

The originators of this plan had barely enough knowledge to know that to guarantee a planets enslavement, you must isolate them from the hierarchy of divinity. The purpose of this was to limit the psychic perception of higher dimensional beings and to confuse humanities innate senses so you we can never be found properly. To digest this, we can crudely say that it allows our higher dimensional support system to find us more accurately.

This is why you have such an increase in Angelic and Galactic Activity when you start observing the Archangelic Calendar. The other important factor to consider, is that the Calendar is the best time space markers we have while living in a 5D living experience. In many ways the observance of this time stamp can ensure your firmly locked into a 5D timeline.

The dedicated and penitent will be triggered to return.

This also allows us a transitional phase to ease ourselves out of 3D timing and engulf ourselves in 5D timing without too much shock to our psyche.

The reason why this timing structure fits 5D so well, is because it is event based and not metronome based that allows for change based upon the events and settings there in. If we can keep cognizant of the fact that we are existing in unlimited realities all at the same time, we can realize that we would need more yard markers than we are currently using to accurately articulate our position in space and time.

The Calendar is originally transcribed via Angelic Cuneiform and then brought into your life via this medium. It is also sent to 4 governing bodies, the counsel of light, the balance division, a research based historical collective, and the Galactic and Intergalactic communities. This is done via crystal telepathic communications and is our method of complying with the laws of disclosure.

The left brain holds our place in time, which allows the right brain to travel recklessly. The more we become cognizant of this Archangelic Calendar the more we anchor to the 5D. This comes in handy in many circumstances ranging from meditation to timeline jumping, any where we jump cognition of time.

NEXT: How to interpret and read The Archanagelic Calendar


  1. Is there any way to subscribe just to be emailed the English version of the daily calendar instead of getting half a dozen versions I cannot read? Thanks!


  2. Thank you for everything you share… Please notify via email of your new posts and offerings. Thank you 🙏


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, only you can subscribe please Add yourself, the follow button is in the side bar menu.


  3. Thank you for willing to make this site, very helpful for our work. we can always be connected to the same source. 🙏


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