Archangel Barnibas, The tipping point of Darkness to Light, Prana Ayma Season Continues

Archangelic Calendar Date

It is Prana Ayma season and today we celebrate in actual time the mass conversions of the many “Highly Gifted Dark Ones” to “Direct Love and Light” and to the Service of Infinitely Expanding Creator Source as well.

This influx tipped the scale where as the dominant force of the universe is NOW a direct energy manifestation of Infinitely expanding creator source. Even those stuck in 3D will benefit from this. Those in 5D can rest assured knowing that the timeline we have left behind is their best case scenario.

While we had 6 Major Converts, the one the tipped the scales was Archangel Barnibas, who deserves major accolades for this. The others will not be revealed by their request.

What we have learned, because we have had so many dark-to-light converts in the higher realms recently, is that …

Some dark beings were not doing this of their own free will, others were tricked, others knew no better and others were asked to switch sides for a limited time, such is the case of Archangel Barnibas.

Even though Barnibas could have chosen not to return, to his excellence, he has chosen to return to the light at the precise moment HE specified prior to his switch. Which truly validates his precision.

This coincides with the largest ascension portal ever created, which has already begun to open, but will not peak until 11/11 – 12/12 for those on a timeline where those dates are relevant. It will close after that point, the speed in which it closes will be up to the mass consciousness of that specific timeline.

Those in 5D already will be reaching out our hands to the lower timelines and helping others, as the flood waters are steadily and rapidly raising in the lower timelines.

Many are no longer on the lower timelines at all. If you are able to serve in both know that your time of service has come.

Your deeds will be written in the halls of the highest holy. Your time of reverence and grace is here.

Remember 11/11 – 12/12 this is the last direct connection to the NEW EDEN setting.

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