Celebration of Ra, the dark queen has been removed, bless the water, air and clay, Prana Ayma Season, Pre Mass Christ Consciousness Celebration

Prana Amya season is honoring and adorning the pure souls of existence. With mass Christ Consciousness marching steadily toward reality we have made ready for the celebrations in our hearts and minds during the Pre Mass Christ Consciousness Season which lays on the spine of Prana Amya.

Marked by the sight of a Pure Number in the Sunrise Marker the Day of The Sun has entered. It is celebrated much in the same way the 3D sundays were on our old timeline.

The water dragon has been released to transmute all the damage the water has incurred by the darkness. Cleansing and blessings the water should be done daily, by all with the ability to do so.

Archangel Raguel is the Archangel assigned to cleanse and rehabilitate the waters of the earth and of the heavens.

Note* There are large bodies of water floating in space exploding with life. These bodies of water, are the origins for many life forms and most of the bodies of water in this galaxy. When floating bodies of water crash into a land based planet, the life process moves very rapidly.

Archangel Adriane is cleansing the air, she is a very large Femine based Archangel much like AA AF and AA FA. She is almost to large to fit on any of our dimensions.

Archangel Jermiel is assigned to the clean up and optimization of the element of clay (earth). He will be working with the Fae when doing earth based healings.

The archangels have an inside joke about the term “Chomping at the Bit” SOME of them find it hysterical but they will all get the reference. It means “I really want to help or it is my desire to help”. Ask them what things are they “Chomping at the Bit” to help you with. They just need permission.

Many higher dimensions are wishing to bring more of their personalities to your lives. Again, just give them permission. Anything directed at a being aloud or in tele-mental communication is always received.

From the higher Dimensions Serzi (The Galaxy you are in) has disappeared, that is because the only way in or out of our Galaxy is the Arturian Rainbow Bridge, they will be the gatekeepers of this very special Galaxy. Anything uncomfortable that is still present in our reality, is an in-house issue. We state again the dominant force in the Universe is light.

Chants: Alignment
Yod Hey Vov Hey

Chants: Green Tara Healing
Om Tare Tuctare Ture Svaha

Feel for subtle changes after these chants

It has been decreed that all things done in an impure heart or in the name or names of the Archangels or their legions, current or in the past, with impure intentions, will be “never was-ed” and their decrees will be digested by the Universe for recycle. In this way dark magic(k) can not affect anyone any longer.

The dark queen has been removed a replacement will be decreed by infinitely expanding creator source. Rest assured this being will be pure and of the light.

Yes … it’s all part of ourselves but if you had an obvious pimple on your nose a day or two before a party, do you not pop it. More over, you certainly do not settle honors for the ejection of the infection. Feel free to honor and nurse the open wound in great peace and comfort.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0C2C322∞A11111∞A3∞”

Gates of Heavens Archangelic Gateway Key Codes for those of pure heart. With ill intentions nothing can enter. You can meditate on them or pass them along to those who need them. These change often be diligent.

10001010111 then …

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