Happy Yahv!!! We celebrate with the Wolf Pack! Ancestors RSVP, Removing the RCC chains of enslavement, day of the Sun Celebration

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0D3D32∞A21111∞A3∞”

In divine essence and timing we see a pure letter in the Sunrise Marker, marking a time to connect and reflect with RA, Archangel Raphael, their Avatars and anyone you feel love for physical or non. Much in the same way 3D earth originally thought their Sundays were intended.

We see the intertwined 3D reshuffling and exiting for the next 10 sunrises, in synch with the closing of the 1111-1212 (gate codes available in past posts).

In the book of time we skip a
Page today … The Native Tribes of the americas have already overlayed this dark mass with Yahv and we will endorse and adopt this in our archangelic calendar. Tradition is welcomed on our 5D timeline, inflicting harm and deceiving people about it … Is not.

We also fully endorse the gatherings in love and appreciation as well as giving notice to the things you are grateful for. It takes a surgeons knife to dissect the mess left for us to clean up by the organized darkness.

The ancestors of pure hearts have been awakened to begin preparing themselves for the celebrations to come. More specifically, we see the Tribes of the Americas awaken with joy and celebration, it would be unjust for them to miss these events. If you feel a passed love one closer than ever, its because they are.

During the Roman Catholic x-dark mass season they syphon each and every one of us and the life force energies we have earned. Much like we have been fighting back against the Friday night syphoning of humanity, we must fight back against this rhythmic energy drain. This will destroy any chance the RCC has of surviving.

We must be aware of the subconscious programming that is laced on these 3D so called holidays. We would like to point out that one can call a tiger a shark but it doesn’t allow it to breathe underwater any better. We have fully dis-empowered these efforts of energy hoarding.

A giant gap was placed upon this day, we do not condone inflicting suffering upon each other and we for certain do not celebrate it.

Today’s Weaponry for the pure of heart, expires the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

Thor’s Hammer
Archangel Asrael’s Code Breaker
Archangel Michael’s Sword
Archangel Isaac’s Sword
Themis’ T square
Kali Ma’s Dagger


Assigned to the redirection of the syphoned energy is Archangel Briathos, Archangel Leo is in charge of eliminating any large non physical energies who are benefiting from this and Archangel Elyon will be ensuring these dark masses end permanently.

To be noted thank you all for your hard work in containing any threat to humanity. We are confident for good reason.

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