The Great Gathering, Prana Ayma Season and Pre Mass Christ Consciousness continues, Attempted Volcanic Sacrifice was thwarted

Prana Ayma season continues as we prepare for the arrival of Mass Christ Consciousness with the planning of the great gathering. This is a gathering of hearts that has turned into something very special.

Archangel Gabriele is assigned to all grid work. Evoke her for guidance, activation and grid placement.

Archangel Zadeikiel is assigned to Portal optimization and placement. Portals have two or more sides ask Zadeikiel to make sure all destinations are benevolent and/or malevolent and for general construction assistance.

Archangel Raziel is assigned to the pillars of light which are injection sights upon gaia that infuses pure positive energy into her being directly. Evoke him when you are anywhere that feels sacred.

The grinding wheel is being spun (you hear the stones grinding) transmuting everything in this physical/quantum reality. Allow it to grind, do not resist this, let go, as resistance is amplified in this transmutation gateway. The being at the helm of this, is a very popular avatar who shall not be named, by his request.

A dark volcanic sacrifice was attempted (yes, it is what it sounds like), the beings trying to attempt this were severely injured in the process. If you see anyone with new burns in the public’s eye, you will know they were present at this event. The volcano (in italy), shot lava in divine essence and timing, to brand these lost souls for universal record. Since their names are now recorded, you will be able to see past their media cloaking with ease.

Mini violet flame infernos are sent to each of us during Prana Amya to use for our personal life.

The great gathering has started to be planned and we are happily awaiting this event. There is no conscious participation required at this time.

Chants: Alignment
Yod Hey Vov Hey

Chants: Green Tara Healing
Om Tare Tuctare Ture Svaha

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0C12C422∞A11111∞A3∞”

Gates of Heavens Archangelic Gateway Key Codes for those of pure heart. With ill intentions nothing can enter. You can meditate on them or pass them along to those who need them. These change often be diligent.

10001010111 then …

“When they arrived they only found the archangel in Dragon form and then they were consumed, digesting all that the universe can use, belching out the rest into the central sun for transmutation.”

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