Removing the 1873 Crew, Burn Baby Burn, Dragon Energy is everywhere, 6 strong tools, 1212 exit gate, Intense day ahead

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0E33E644∞A51111∞A3∞”
Available Gates for

Incoming 555, 1111, 101, 111, 123, 222, 234, 333, 345, 5555, 444, 144 10001010111

Outgoing 111, 321, 432, 333, 424, 707, 808, 202, 505, 444, 10010111100, 11101010001 (1873), 1212

The end goal of the Archangels is a sentient Universe. Why not the multi verse you ask?

There must be variety for all to experience and in this way, when you incarnate you understand exactly what you are signing up for and can change that from life time to lifetime.

If you are wondering what happened here, you can digest this as a dimensional invasion (accidental or otherwise) and it had to be corrected somehow. This chaos is the ripping apart of the two universes and we are super blessed to be able to see this first hand. We also can bet our astral behinds that we will be doing this again some where else in another place and time, many, many lifetimes over.

Dragons like to go and come in waves, this would be an example of a gigantic incoming wave that coincides with the 1212 exit gate. This will look much like a broom pushing dust into a dust into a vacuum.

Gaia doubles down again on this and has the dominant setting of fire for this archangelic day. Normally, I feel it’s wiser to shield and ground when gaia does this, unless you are a highly gifted being who can do it all at once, but … I detract from this advice on this day. There is so happening with or without your conscious participation.

The scale of justice is symbolism that is working against you. The amazing titan Themis is the being of justice they evoke and her symbol is the scale symbol you see everywhere … It leans to one side … If we draw it evenly it balances the scale. It will also dis-empowered the other symbol even more than it has already been dis-empowered. When you take away the metaphysical connection to a symbol by altering its concept and accepting it , it voids its less evolved version.

“Legions of Horsemen, we ride at sunset, we have moved to the house of fire” – Archangel Michael

We have created a vast amount of positive energy via the 1111 entrance gate but what we must be cognizant of is that the 1212 gate must exit an equal amount of negative energy. Again, 1212 is NOT an entrance portal, creating anything in that gate will be counter productive.

That being said, we have a very amplified 1111 gate on this day which will make way for the 1212 EXIT gate. Looking ahead to the Archangelic Calendar date for tomorrow, there are major events here on in. We have a massive shift in Lumeria and a massive shift in Christ Consciousness as well.

Note* You will see the date change tomorrow in different areas and thus we can accurately determine the ebb and flow of what’s effecting our reality with great accuracy.

A strange occurrence in the Archangelic Calendar has happened as the 1111 gate is set to close and the 1212 exit gate is set to open. We see the year we have most trouble from is 1873 and their leader the Truly False queen victoria, which is the year the exit portal codes indicated.

If you wish to figure this out on your own convert the portal codes backwards in binary and then convert it to decimal and it revealed its polar opposite was based in that year. – It is imperative that we send this entire “1873 crew” back to 1873 via the 1212 gate tomorrow. – you can cube and send them directly or use your own methods, just be on task.

“All blockages are being removed hold tight” – Archangel Collective

“You must reduce and eventually eliminate your caffeine consumption if you wish to have a healthier body.” – Archangel Raphael

“The weight of your heart will be revealed for all to see. There is no hiding anymore, for better or for worse.” Archangel Zophiel

“If they don’t believe in angels now, they are about to.” – Archangel Raguel

“Samsara has been destroyed by the elders of the Elohim and Nephrium in a unanimous decision.” – Bhrama

3D looking forward …
Do not observe the new years clock, if you wish to observe the mark of a new day mark it at 3AM and more over do not mark the start of the next year of the Roman Catholic Calendar and expect something new. The solar turns are 0 according to the archangelic calendar which overrides the Hebrew and Roman calendar from the higher dimensions.

I am fully aware that most of you will NOT do this, and this is where I firmly ask yourself on how disconnected we actually from the matrix if we cant break tradition in the name of freedom. You must understand that these are the chains that imprison you and we must break these traditions of slavery at all costs.

Today’s Tools for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

Passive = No intention needed to use or arm
Active = Intention Needed to Yield
Aggressive = Will attack or block without intention

(Passive, aggressive and active)
The triple transmutation flame is optimized and ready for a very powerful wave of purification. It will be run by Archangel Germaine, Kali Ma and Archangel Zadiekiel. This is an indication of where we are currently headed and will flare up every so often.

Archangel Raphael’s healing staff is great for any healing modality in existence. He is by far the best general healer in our legions.

Archangel Chamuel’s Sword of peace can reach even the darkest heart, yield like any other sword.

Goddess Isis’ wand is a sword that can shatter the essence of anything and help them see a new perspective. It can also rearrange and heal as well, its a very complex tool.

Artemis’ (Diana’s) flaming arrows are the most intense long range tool by far, enhanced even further by the open gates and the Full Moon.

Archangel Isaac’s Sword is much like Michael’s with no specific strengths or elements attached and it has pin point accuracy.

Archangel Michael’s Sword of Divinity, a touch different than his standard sword as to have a sharper edge. Long and short range, extremely versatile.

A – Zed
Archangel Raguel – Intense Calming
Archangel Chamuel – Intense Peace
Archangel Raziel – Intensen Wisdom and Knowledge

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