Sauyma Celebration

The Archangels have taken back all powers and holy-days from the many unholy unions of Earth.

On this day …

Today is “Sauyma” A Truly Auspicious Angelic High Holy Day that has over taken all Souls day of the RCC.

“Saumya Celebration”

The Celebration of All those Pure of Heart, the Archangels have weighed the hearts of all beings on all planes of existence.

We are proud of the many that have passed with amazing accolades. This was not based upon knowledge, might or ability This was based purely upon the individuals intentions and this was measured in every dimension, in every space, time and reality in existence.

Fittingly this will mark the official welcome of the Galactic Federation of Light. The Federation has always been here. On this day we officially welcome them in love and appreciation on this day, the celebration of those who are pure of heart.

This is celebrated by connecting heart to heart with friends old and new, physical and non, in a celebratory spirit of co-creation.


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