The 10th Sunrise Celebration if Archangel Michael and the Legions of Archangels

On this day …

On every 10th Sunrise Marked by the appearance of a pure letter on the Archangelic calendar we celebrate the Archangel Michael the legions of Archangels, his avatars, his many accomplishments and many victories.

On this day of observance we send AA Michael and any of Archangels that you personally connect with, positive energy and well wishes for their future endeavors.

This day also pays honor to infinite Galactic peace and the peaceful removal of a very ancient ill that has been healed on behalf of Serzi (the name of our Galaxy).

It is tradition to ask Archangel Michael to intervene for Protection, Shiva to intervene in Transmutation and Astar to intervene in Galactic and Global Peace on this very holy day of observance.

We have overlaid our calendar over the RCC in which imprisons you. The 5D will be placed upon top of your reality waiting for you to tap into its rhythm. The more you connect to these new time markers the easier your transition will be.

We do not need to be lost at any point during this process, we can simply take small steps into our new reality with grace and ease.

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