Jupiter and Venus Symbol the presence of Love and Protection in our current timeline. Prana Amya Season continues, Many Have Recently Ascended, Galactic threat was exterminated

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0C62C922∞A11111∞A3∞” we are on time with and current with this date.

We see Jupiter and Venus Conjoined this evening as we understand that love and Protection are the driving force behind our current situation.

We also wish to report that the extreme galactic threat has been destroyed. We have the duty to report that most of the threats to earth are originating from the galactic edge. While we are clean right now it is a very large universe.

We are very encouraged to see so many answer the call of the divine and look inside to find their divinity.

We are in the middle of an aggressive uprising, we leave have left our harps at home. Please do not read any further, if you cant handle an honest gage of what is going on.

We have seen many who pretend that an opposing force does not exist, only to be attacked or possessed by the darkness. If you choose not to shield, ground, cleanse or summon protection daily, that is up to you. No one is responsible for this, but you and no one can do it for you either.

Spiritual Maturity of the masses have been infected with the attitude that you can ignore away a negative thing. A practical example : If you are unhealthy from diet, ignoring the nutritional facts are not going to make your food choices any better.

Teaching humanity 1 of 16 (The law of Attraction) basic universal laws was a tool used by organized darkness, to confuse people and have them chasing the surface of spirituality for decades.

This is also symptom of mass laziness, as not too many have researched the original doctrines of their beliefs, only interpretations of others thoughts about them. This is the definition of “NOT LOOKING INSIDE”. Claiming scripture on third hand information is foolish at best, even if it resonates, you only have a very small percentage of a larger picture.

It is very necessary for an ego shattering for humanity. The threat of demonic masters have left, yet the masses still engage in their games.

All lines of division have been nullified on gaia’s behalf. No lines dividing country or ocean, only one world and one ocean.

Aggressive stance is still on for the Archangel and Their Legions. The threat has left but their traps still remain. If you can not understand the warrior side of archangels its best to maintain distance for the time being.

There is rapid change happening and the ground troops are doing their best to slow down any interference that humanity will face. The sacred flame was lit on this day. It has transmuted much of what has become ritualistic dark magic.

An uprising across the globe has already begun, and again it is far too late for wishful thinking. Take a look around at the opposing forces, they are closing in.

“We have a strong hold on the castle but beyond our walls much will change.” – Archangel Zadeikiel

“Let them sleep through this, they are of no use to us in their current condition.” – Archangel Michael

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  1. […] I must preface the rest of this with the following, those who have deceived humanity used a propaganda tactic called deflection. This means there is always an element of truth in their fairy tales. Such is the case of the seven seals, which is meant to be a glorious grand rising of timeline hopping and not a doom and gloom prophecy. This is much in the same as the apocalypse, which is literally an awakening of knowledge and wisdom. In fact, the word apocalypse means an unfolding of what is hidden, and that is exactly what we are experiencing right now. The only people who have to be concerned during these times are those who have purposefully harmed humanity. […]

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