Yahv Wolf Season celebrates friends and family, Kali protection of the Meek, A king dethroned in Shame, New Assignments

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0C93D232∞A21111∞A3∞”

Prana Amya continues into Yahv Mvskoke Creek Wolf Season as we fully recognize and enforce the traditions of the original inhabitants of earth, in our Archangelic Calendar overlay of linear time.

The children and Animals of earth are now embue-ed with some very advanced metaphysical technology. Rest assured “worried parents” these tools only come out when it is absolutely necessary. No need to fear, as they will not be able to use them for entertainment, YET.

Timelines have for certain shifted and we have escaped the sabotage of the darkness. It was confirmed on the Schumann resonance (as always) and again congrats team this was not easy, it was certainly earned.

This is the most dis-empowered and confused we have ever seen organized darkness, their Moral is at an all-time low. They have attempted and failed at countless missions, and their efforts have become futile.

Lots of movement everywhere today, as we see Archangel Zadeikiel move from the triple violet Flame to work on Earth’s Financial Enslavement. Archangel Sablo (Archangel of Grace and Protection, who also sits at the base of the universe) will be replacing him. The general rule is you can not leave your post until you find a better replacement.

The entire team handling Earth’s Financial Enslavement and helping us meet our basic physical needs, are as follows: The aforementioned Archangel Zadiekiel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Ezekiel, Archangel Harut, and Archangel Israfil. They are diligently working, feel free to call upon them.

Kali Ma, would like to point out (Para Phrasing) she will not take kindly to anyone harming HER CHILDREN (The pure of heart, children and animals)

Former King David has been dethroned and shamed for his actions. All powers yielded in his name are NOT VALID ANYMORE. He was entrusted with the distribution of Solomons wealth to the masses during this time. Instead he decided r horde the money and leave those he was entrusted to protect in poverty and suffering.

You will be very shocked to find out Former King David is living in a human body despite his previous banishment and the breaking of multiple rules. If we stay on this timeline, it will be executed publicly by the hand of the masses even though not too many realize it is this said being. Please note, we are only reporting THIS timelines upcoming events. This was the main timeline that presented itself after we removed the threat to the 3D thanksgiving parade.

“King David will forever be known to the Archangels as a Coward and a Traitor” – Archangel Zophiel

Next wave of beings have ascended and it has caused a major shift within a shift. You can actually feel the mind move to realizing the different possibilities in this new paradigm.

Galactics from various factions destroyed the frequency disruptions originating from the Vatican. There is much more that needs to be brought to mankind’s attention regarding this subject.


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