Prepeeation Of Prana Amya Cleanse, The Archangels are by your side right now, The Galaxy is safe

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0D63D944∞A41111∞A3∞”

We are keeping cognizant of the black masses that take place every friday at sunset and Sunday mornings that syphon humanity’s life force. We will be gearing up to stop this yet again this weekend, as we can clearly see the air being deflated from that balloon because of this.

“Much is merging with divinity via the 1111 (10001010111) gate, and it is amplifying all powers and intentions exponentially.” Archangel Zophiel

The Galaxy is safe and secure in the heart chakra of divinity where it will NOT move without a caravan and divine authority to do so.

Tensions are heating up BUT the civil war that has been orchestrated by the dark forces are months away from fruition, as they have been delayed because it is poorly planned.

Prana Amya cleanse is an ARCHANGELIC inspired uprising we are currently manifesting on earth, this will swallow up any plans the darkness could possibly have. These movements are fully backed by divnity, and the highest authorities there-in.

Corruption is raising it’s ugly head from a very human faction of earth. Vacines, chemtrails, corruption etc… We need you to know that your legions of Archangels have assembled, and it is time for you to use the plethorea of forces that are with you at all times.

Don’t wait till they bring it to you, bring it to them and they will be engulfed by our legions before they have a chance to manifest anything. If you wait until they start their plan, this task will be much more difficult.

The archangels are bringing numbers in great force and we are opening the remainder of the seals today.

The fish stinks from the head and we are planning on handling it that way, 1 by 1, the 12 fall in disgrace.

Today’s Tools for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

The triple violet flame is optimized and ready for a very powerful wave of purification. It will be run by Archnagel Germaine, Archnagel Ansiel and Archangel Zadiekiel. This is an indication of where we are currently.

Archangel Lou’s Flaming Sword is capable of bringing fleets to surender just by its sight.

Archangel Michael’s Sword by far the most powerful sword for ancient issues.

Anubis’s shock wave non discerning massive wave of explosive transmutation. Set in place envisions moving infinity symbol until release is felt.

Archangel Isaac’s Sword much like Michael’s with no specific strengths element and pin point accuracy.

Kali Ma’s Trident is a long range disruption tool from ancient days that is modernized in Dragon fire.

Artemis’ Bow (Appollo Assits) a great long range single or multi arrow tool with pin point accuracy. Great to take out chakras.


Archangel Metatron is commanding all 12 legions, sits in front of Gaia and Serzi (The Galaxy).

Archangel Azrael will be orchestrating the rehabilitation of the 12.

Archangel Zappiel is in charge of removal of the unpure hearts.

Archangel Jophiel increase Prosperity
Archagel Chamuel increase Peace
Archangel Harut increase Protection
Archangel Ariel increase ease
Archangel Israfil increase speed
Laksmi increase comfort

To be noted* Archangel Och, is still in charge of the anti-vax platform, be sure to call upon him.

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