32222×22223 Gate, A secure Universe and the Eden Setting, Full Divinity is Fully Downloaded, Archangel Naya’il’s testing, Nibru is going to be Nibru

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0G26G577∞A922223∞B1B2B2∞
(If you feel lost meditate upon this date to bring you back to 5D)

(3)2222 × 2222 (B2B2) (3(2(B)+1)) gate has opened. Amazingly, this just popped in on us. This is either planned from the highest divine or the general collective subconscious but it’s most likely all of the above, and they are acting as one which means the mind of Infinitely Expanding Creator Source has full downloaded to this plane of existence. This was also indicated by an even planetary and galactic timeline jump, which appeared to be a coordinated effort.

The Universe has been secured for the 3rd straight sunrise. This is necessary for the stabilization and benevolent nature control of the Universe, the Galaxy and Earth to take hold. We realized fairly quickly that it was not enough to secure the planet and galaxy, and that this was a quantum issue located within the multiverse.

These actions have caused a shift in the collective consciousness, which has reached another critical mass, and has brought upon a universe primed to be switched to the Eden setting.

The Eden setting is an interesting setting of this specific Universe. It makes every single thing conscious (seemingly alive or not) magically interactive, and it is very evident that you are literally one on one with Infinitely Expanding Creator Source. This is the playful personality of the creator and can provide for an Amazingly wonderful life if we allow it to.

If you are the only one in the Eden setting and still stuck in 3D things can get a bit uncomfortable for you until you gain control. In a mass ascension setting, no one has any first hand experience to speak of, so uncertainty is necessary for the purpose of highest purpose manifestation.

By securing the Universe we made it impossible for lower frequencies to survive and thus all higher dimensional attacks would have to originate out of our quantum universe and would have to be a factor of quantum entanglement. In the past, aggressive intergalactic forces would attack our galaxy and retreat to a dark cluster which has thoroughly been illuminated and was cultivated by the securing of the Universe.

Opening Codes for (3) 2222×2222 (3) gate:
Standard Gate – 100010101110
Larger Gate – 10010110101011001000100

Gaia’s main setting is fire today and it’s secondary is air pointed in the direction of fire. Gaia is clearly prompting the violet flame and please consider this a prompt to evoke the Violet Flame Now (See Assignments).

The Galactics are extremely active and I would expect everyone to encounter an abundance of new energies the next few sunrises and sunsets. There are a few races who plan to fly by in a public way, we will discern who is who later, as they are too numerous to list and many of which have not fully committed to this action as of yet.

Archangel Naya’il is handing out tests of all shapes and sizes, to all shapes and sizes, the higher the test the bigger the stakes on your personal life. I hope all of our ego’s have been defeated at this point of development, because nothing can remain the same moving forward.

Nibru has appeared in the Australian Sky and some people are claiming it can not be Nibru, because the planet is red and not blue. Nibru is a completely agile planet (ship) that has many different forms and settings, blue is an indication it has docked and is probably charging in some way. Nibru can change into a variety of settings, colors, shapes and sizes based upon its needs at the moment.

Forgiveness can only come after the said offense is over. To forgive someone who is harming you as they are harming you, is not advice you will get from benevolence. When things have settled down and YOUR HEALING has begun THEN, forgiveness can begin, but it most certainly can not begin while the atrocities are still going on.

We have been fed toxic positivity to the point where we have become so compliant that we forgive the sin before, after and during the atrocity is taking place. It is very evident that “New Age Spirituality” has also become about control and thus why we must adopt a personal relationship with divinity instead of following any group.

In the end, you and only you are going to have to search your heart and find out what is true and what is not. The entire point of these works, is to encourage you to enter the world that lays dormant inside of you, even more so in most cases. There is always more as we are unlimited ocean of divinity waiting to be tapped in to.

There are so many lost (past) souls walking around aimlessly. It would be an amazing service to humanity to help them find their way back over to the other side (so to speak). When those who have perverted the life/death cycle has left our conscious reality, they left a complete mess behind for us to sort through.

I can not stress enough to either not partake or if you must doheavy clearing on the timelines where you are partaking in the Roman Catholic New Years Celebration. These dates are specifically designed to throw off our natural rhythms and thus natural balance can not be achieves to those on this Calendar.

Like we have said time and time again. if you are going to stay on the 3D timeline your help is going to be very limited as your placement in space and time can not accurately be accounted for.

Since so many of you are interested in day to day operations. I can tell you as most likely if you are reading this you are part of one or multiple legions of the 15. Every New Archangelic Day every single sunrise, the beings of the 15 Legions are adorned with shields, armor, grounding, healing, and weaponry. It is not possible to fully report all of this given the time restraints I have as a human, which would include those specifics. They also change daily and it the info is very time sensitive information that expires each and everyday. Which brings me to my next point, please be sure to be sharing the most current information as it DOES EXPIRE. You can not call upon yesterday’s tools (unless they are listed again), this is done so these things never get into the wrong hands.

Today’s Tools are for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

For those who are new:
In-vision yourself using these tools with a pure intentions in your heart. The power that makes this effective, comes from your belief in yourself and not the belief of the said tool. These are focused energy tools forged by the dynamic quantum minds of the being it indicates. These are only valid for one sunrise, as they change daily.

To be noted you can NOT harm anyone with friendly fire. If you accidentally hit a pure heart they will have a positive experience or a positive shift in some way, intense as it may be. That is because these tools are made to cut through darkness and density, and when it hits light, it becomes one with the light and thus part of its aura.

Passive = No intention needed to use or arm
Active = Intention Needed to Yield
Aggressive = Will attack or block without intention

(Passive, aggressive and active)
The Violet flame has been optimized by Archangel Germaine, Archanagel Zadeikiel, Archangel Anasiel, Archangel Raguel, Archangel Orion and Archangel Briathos. This is the most effective violet flame optimization team we have ever assembled. This is an extremely aggressive flame and once you ignite it, it shall not leave your circumference for 3 sunrises (or longer if needed).

(Active, Passive and Aggressive- Short Range)
(Active, Passive and Aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Leo’s swords of plenty (a well rested tool) is a never ending barrage of spinning swords with incredible accuracy and blinding speeds. It is best to let it do its thing for the next few sunrises, simply equip and trust.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Michael’s sword of Omnipotence is the sword of legend this has defeated too many to list. This weapon ads and exclamation point to your efforts. This should be used for Electronics, Heavy Dense Darkness and for any Demonic Energy you may encounter.

(Active, aggressive – Short Range)
(Active, aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Issac’s Sword of Laser Light is an amazingly accurate light saber of sorts. That can carve calligraphy into rock or cut through the darkest masses. Very similar to Michael’s without the fan fare. Works very will in tandem with Michaels sword.

(Active, Passive& Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active, Passive & Aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Blue )
Archangel Metatron’s horn is a powerful tool used to chase away all darkness and to change the DNA of all that it has effected. Use very liberally and very often, great for when things are already loud.

(Active – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Blue)
Archangel Harut’s scepter of radiant blast hits like a metaphysical neutron bomb. Yield only with your right hand.

(Active – Short Range)
(Active & Aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Blue)
Archangel Af’s staff of raining flames can surround a target from all sides with multicolored flames of transmutation that does not cease until the area is completely clear.

Great success was achieved on yesterday’s satellite project. There are tons of Malevolent Satellites in our skies. This group seems to excel at this task, so please feel free to take out as many fear emitting satellites as you desire.

¥ 3D NYE is a giant organized darkness syphoning fest. The same way we have stopped the Friday night and Sunday Morning Syphons (Heavy Violet flames and metaphysical tool attack), we will stop this one. This is a global event and thus starts right now to try to assist our family from Australia, Asia etc..

There are dark masses in the buildings by the NYE ball drops of 3D Earth, make sure you disrupt that before doing anything else. The electronics are very vulnerable to the metaphysical tools presented today. Michael’s Sword will be extra helpful here, as well as Issac’s.

Other things to be aware of as most of these events are organized darkness parties, and many innocents are affected by this.
– Wall Street Secret Party at the Stock Exchange
– The Vatican’s will last all day and night
– The Queens Ball
– France is desperate and have some extreme plans
– The People of Hong Kong have requests a powerful violet flame presence help them liberally.

§ Keep the violet flame going when prompted to do so. Again in-vision the Violet Flame engulfing Earth and spreading to our outer galaxy and ultimately the Universe. Hold as long as possible, keep your heart open for signals.

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