A Giant Blast, Testing Continues, 2 of 13 have converted, Additions to the Light / Love Workers Legion, 3D NYE

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0G36G677∞A922233∞B1B3B3∞
(If you feel lost meditate upon this date to bring you back to 5D)

A giant blast narrowly hit the earth, it was not meant to hit us directly unless we were still located in 3D. This was the universes insurance policy to ascension, which gratefully we have passed.

This blast seems to have sped up the axis tilt and is causing many personal and global issues to fast track.

Ganesha has taken the form of a dragon, this should be interesting, to say the least. It seems as if all of our legions are chomping at the bit to get to work and it is unanimously granted.

On a personal level, the forcefulness of this energy will rip many people from each other’s lives and cause many family dynamics to change. On a global level, this will happen with large groups and public figures. Lucy, there is gonna be a lot of splan’in to do. Many people in our personal and extended lives will show their truest essence thanks to Naya’il as we reported yesterday.

Azrael and Azriel guard all gates and more specifically those of the underworld” nothing guarantees you entrance or exit” if you choose any gate you can expect a life-altering experience.

To be noted, if your frequency is too low you may get drawn in. Please be cognizant of your activities this evening.

The descendants of 2 of the 13 ruling class families have joined the Sentient Alliance, these generations are very far removed from their parent’s philosophy. They are being kept anonymous to protect the people involved.

It is the decision of the highest conscious being in the group and considering the highest enlightened in each family is under the age of 12 we may have some time to go. Once these children are conscious enough to choose right and wrong, they will bring their family’s houses to the ground instantly.

There are many who have fought for what they believe is right, even when everyone around them fought against their beliefs. We have granted those who are too numerous to name admission in the Light/Love Worker Legion as they are not strong enough to stand up on their own as of yet. They will need a kind hand of friendship during this transition. Let the Light/Love-workers be the first hand that reaches out. There are many who are going from severely oppressive religious chains to becoming what is now the divine light of their own beauty and its an intense process, to say the least.

Organized darkness has realized that they can not compete on the higher levels of consciousness. They have resorted back to 3D based earth trickery and clearly, we are under attack (Chem Trails, Engineered Viruses, energy attacks, etc…).

Order of the Garter is what the ruling class call their highest chiefs of the 3D timelines. They are the highest denomination of the ruling class and there is no group on earth with more authority over the masses than they.

Ishtar has been taking form as Ashtar as of late. I will say no more about this subject. If you are able to discern, discern as needed.

I can not stress enough to battle the 3D traditions best you can. If your body is there allow the mind passage to someplace else. Use the metaphysical tools and do your best to start grounded.

Today’s Tools are for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

For those who are new:
In-vision yourself using these tools if you have a pure heart. The power that makes this effective, comes from the belief you have in yourself and not the belief in the said tool. These are focused energy tools forged by the dynamic quantum minds of the being that it indicates. These are only valid for one sunrise, as they change daily.

Note on having a Pure Heart … The standards to yield has immediately been raised to combat the corruption and deception of this evening. Many who will read this are not of a positive clan. It would be impossible to yield any of these if you are not part of at least one the 15 Legions in heart, mind, and deed.

As I mentioned yesterday many tests have been handed out by Archangel Naya’il, He is less than impressed with the results. It will be more so than ever this evening.

To be noted you CAN NOT harm anyone with friendly fire. If you accidentally hit a pure heart they will have a positive experience or a positive shift in some way, intense as it may be. That is because these tools are made to cut through darkness and density, and when it hits the light, it becomes one with the light and thus part of its aura.

Passive = No intention needed to use or arm
Active = Intention Needed to Yield
Aggressive = Will attack or block without intention

(Passive, aggressive and active)
The Violet flame has been optimized by Archangel Germaine, Archanagel Zadeikiel, Archangel Anasiel, Archangel Raguel, Archangel Orion and Archangel Briathos. This is the most effective violet flame optimization team we have ever assembled. This is an extremely aggressive flame and once you ignite it, it shall not leave your circumference for 3 sunrises (or longer if needed).

(Active, Passive and Aggressive- Short Range)
(Active, Passive and Aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Leo’s swords of plenty (a well-rested tool) is a never-ending barrage of spinning swords with incredible accuracy and blinding speeds. It is best to let it do its own thing for the next few sunrises, simply equip and trust.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Michael’s sword of Omnipotence is the sword of legend this has defeated too many to list. This weapon ads and exclamation point to your efforts. This should be used for Electronics, Heavy Dense Darkness, and for any Demonic Energy you may encounter.

(Active, aggressive – Short Range)
(Active, aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Gabriele’s horn is a powerful transmutation device that hits everything living or not in a targeted area. It can shatter the essence of darkness and send it back fractal by fractal to the source.

(Active, Passive& Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Green )
Archangel Sachiel’s net of cosmic plasma, fire, or rain; can blanket an area large or small. Use plasma to calm, rain to heal, and fire to transmute.

(Active – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Green)
Archangel Raphael’s sword of Fatherly Love has been rarely seen since Abraham tried to yield it against the false God. It is generally regarded as the most powerful metaphysical sword because it is charged by ions of emotions. Use this liberally, it is only available for one sunrise.

(Active, Passive & Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active & Aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Green)
Archangel Cochobiel’s star cruiser allows you to see galactic past lives and other cosmic highlights. It’s an amazing intergalactic viewer and can show you things out of your comfort zone.

(Active, Passive & Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active & Aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Green)
Archangel Lamachiel’s sword of clearing reveals all agendas when equipped. Does not allow for deception, when deception is present it will attack.

¥ 3D NYE is giant organized darkness siphoning fest. The same way we have stopped the Friday night and Sunday Morning Syphons (Heavy Violet flames and metaphysical tool attack), we will stop this one. This is a global event and thus starts right now to try to assist our family from Australia, Asia etc..

There are dark masses in the buildings by the NYE ball drops of 3D Earth, make sure you disrupt that before doing anything else. The electronics are very vulnerable to the metaphysical tools presented today. Michael’s Sword will be extra helpful here, as well as Issac’s. Try to disrupt the countdown best you can.

Other things to be aware of like most of these events are organized darkness parties, and many innocents are affected by this.
– Wall Street Secret Party at the Stock Exchange
– The Vatican’s will last all day and night
– The Queens Ball
– France is desperate and has some extreme plans
– The People of Hong Kong have requests a powerful violet flame presence to help them liberally.

§ Keep the violet flame going when prompted to do so. Again in-vision the Violet Flame engulfing Earth and spreading to our outer galaxy and ultimately the Universe. Hold as long as possible, keep your heart open for signals.

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