A day dedicated to the beauty of music, The shattering of the 3AM meditation bells, Next of the 9 plagues afflicting the Pharaohs, Lambs blood has been placed upon your door, Prana Amya Continues, Mass Christ Consciousness Rising fast

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0C52C822∞A11111∞A3∞” we are on time with and current with this date.

“The only thing that stays the same is constant change, no one and nothing is above this truth.”

The gates of heaven portal is still hyper local via the 101 gate and has now gone hyper local via the 111 pyramid gate which is an upgrade 111 gate and the triple loop pyramid which has just appeared. This is all being feed by the much larger gates of heaven portal (1111-1212).

Archangel Metatron has shattered the 3AM meditation bells in which has awakened many via rhythmic stimulation. The fractals of this shattered energy will engulf every ounce of the reality in which we experience. It will also cause a constant ring which we will get used to shortly.

The high priests and priestesses of darkness are on trial in the higher realms. They have been quarantined by Archangel Ansiel and are being tried by Themis and Archangel Tzdiekiel. These trials are never about guilt, they are about degrees of intensity in which it needs to be handled.

The next of the 9 plagues to hit the false pharaohs have begun. They are set to go off, one after the other. Those without lambs blood upon their door will be visited by Archangel Azriel, Archangel Azrael and their entourage.

What this actually means …

Pharaoh is an analogy for the secret ruling class. Please do not confuse them with the many helpful Pharaohs that are spirit guides and such.

When you have amassed so much to atone for, your spirit starts attacking its own interests because it is in desperate need of relief from the cycle which is causing an abundance of (for lack of a better term) Karmic Dept, that a “spirit reset” or becoming a “never was” would be in its own best interests.

Our conscious spirit is the only driving force of life. Remember you are NOT punished FOR your actions, you are punished by them.

The Lambs blood analogy means those who have labored in the name of Pharaoh. Aka human earth slaves that may or may not know it. If you are reading this you probably are drenched in lamb blood. There are only about 5,000 traitors and none of yo. Even those who annoy or antagonize can not possibly get on this list without direct evil intent.

Prana Amya day marks a sunrise dedicated to the beauty, grace and messages of music. There are many ways divinity communicates, music may be its most obvious.

The three Archangels of Music, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Heman and Archangel Tagas wish to bring to your attention.

Archangel Tagas and Archangel Heman are both choir directors of sorts. This is multidimensional of course, and has varying reasons and purposes as well as effects. Archangel Jophiel is very well known but incase you are not familiar, she is the grace within all artistic expression.

Archangel Bob, Akanthe legend Bob Marley. The most important musician ever to live, no one has ever inspired more peace via music than this recently knighted Archangel.

Archangel Jezdkiel lived as John Lennon but was already knighted before coming into his body. He also had much success in music (and art) in his many past lives. His
Archangelic name literally translates to its-god.

Prana Amya Continue as Mass Christ Consciousness Rising has reached light-speeds. The energy is going to feel excitingly anticipatory. You are going to see many lightworkers coming out of their shell because of this.

Titan Themis must be recognized for her diligence and hard work. She has reworked much of our back end systems and is now recruiting other titans to help in the task of freeing humanity.

“I haven’t laughed in 367 earth years, let me have my moment” – Archangel Ouriel

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