Legend For the Archangelic Calendar

The day is now 36 hours and starts and ends at 3AM or 3PM in an alternating fashion. It will be indicated daily next to the calendar date. 

The Purpose of the Archangelic Calendar is multifold, it gives us an alternative to the time entrapment system we currently use.

This Calendar uses events as markers rather than a metronome ticking of false pretenses. In this way, it also helps our galactic, intergalactic, angelic, time manipulative and divine friends have the ability to access us directly.

Dissecting this date … “∞0I27l577∞- ∞B44444∞-∞B1(T)(T)∞” NOT ACTUAL DATE

∞ *0* ^I2^ “7” –I5– #7# ~7~ ∞ – ∞ <B> {4} =4= +4+ /4\ |4|∞-∞ [B1] (T)(T)∞

If a Letter Number is present it normally indicates the inclusion of the following number unless it is a pure number indicated and that must be cross-referenced to the day prior.

The 1st ∞ Indicates our unlimited Blessings and how infinite our nature truly is.

* 1st Number Mark Indicates the current Solar Turns we have completed, this was reset when Earth went Terra*

^ 2nd Number Mark indicates the Sunrise Markers Since Terra Earth was Achieved when the appearance of a pure number enters (Letter with No Adjoining Number) it indicates the end of a microcycle of making. This can be viewed much in the same way a 3D Sunday used to be, although we are trying to get away with such notions.^

” The Third Number Marker Indicates how many Full and New Moons we have experienced since shifting to Terra Earth Settings.”

— The 4th Number Indicates the Sunrise of Michael and it follows stands exactly 3 days in front of our sunrise. This is much like a shield making way for our cosmic energy. This sunrise takes place in the forefront of time —

# The 5th Number Mark Mark Indicates the White Witch Marker which was named after the guild of white witches who left us in Salem. This Marker indicates a drastic measurable upswing in positive energy associated with this modality. #

~The 6th Number Marker is named after the Goddess Lakshmi ” Lakshmi Rising” and it indicates a noticeable upgrade in well being according to galactic frequency and directly coincides with the motions of other large celestial and non celestial bodies. This allows for approximations in time travel and galactic entrance and exit.~

∞ – ∞ The 1st Double infinity symbols indicates The Infinite Good Deeds (so to speak) of The 15 Legions in which the Archangels Lead and Hence is Called the Archangelic Rising. It is the symbolic crossing point from the masculine divine creation energies to the feminine divine creation energies.

< The 1st Number after the Archangelic Rising Indicates the Successful Lighting of a Sacred Flame these flames act as a time marker and moments of great transmutation.>

{ The 2nd Number after the archangelic rising used to indicates the successful lighting of the fireshrine but as of this date it has evolved into an elemental flame, which is a multi dimensional flame that has various purposes}

= The 3rd Number after the Archangelic rising indicates rising movement on the continent of atlantis =

+ The 4th Number after the Archangelic rising indicates rising movement on the continent/Islands of Lemuria +

/ The 5th Number after the Archangelic rising is named Sphinx rising as it indicates a rise in consciousness and does originate from the Sphinx Gate quit often.\

|The 6th Number after the Archangelic rising indicates the presence of an upgraded Christ Consciousness and is marked by a giant upswing of this compassionate consciousness upgrade.

∞ – ∞ The second set of infinity symbols indicates humanities unwavering nature and is nicknamed Humanity Rising in tribute to our undying spirit. This also marks the infinite nature of the physical and non-physical.

[The 1st Number Marker after the Humanity Rising Marker indicates how many times we have crossed the galactic center and it is nicknamed Galactic Turns. This takes in to account for the 13 turns on the Mayan Calendar as well ass the 7 spun during the creation of the Galaxy.] MINI LEGEND B1 (B)2 1 = 21 Turns

(The 2nd number used after Humanity Rising indicates planetary timeline jumps. It now indicates our Terra Planetary Settings as timeline jumps are too numerous to count.)

(The 3rd number used after Humanity Rising indicates galactic timeline jumps. It now indicates our Terra Galaxy Settings as timeline jumps are too numerous to count here as well.)

The Last ∞ Indicates our unlimited Blessings and how infinite our nature truly is as well.