Celebration of Alpha and Omega the Divine Union, Prana Ayma Season continues … Exit and Entrance Portals are still optimized and active.

Prana Ayma Continues as we celebrate the Alpha and Omega by honoring all Unions and partnerships on this day.

In great celebration there are many new alliances that makes mountains quake.

Anubis, Archangel Germain and Ra are a combined transmutation force. Please feel free to call upon the union as they are handling the Violet Flame optimization from this point forward.

The same can be said for Archangel Bathkol and Diana Moon (Artemis). Diana’s Bow and Bathkol’s fierce accuracy is a great transmutation force and their effect upon the air is felt as a quake as well. The same can be also be said for Kali Ma, Archangel Leo and Archangel Briathos and their effect upon all things unholy.

The truth of the media-driven nonexistent timeline which has been hidden for a long time is no longer. You can clearly see how TV, Movies, and Media (social and other) programming are leading the many lambs to their slaughter. Aka the following of a lost timeline to an infinite abyss that is created by continuing to follow 3D rituals.

These timelines lead to absolutely nowhere and is another way they led the masses to a final destruction point on the lower timelines.

There are many timelines that exist where 3D reality is completely whipped out at this point. Meaning those whose vibrating state resides there saw total calamity … Luckily for you, if you are reading this, you have escaped this reality.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0B62B822∞A1111∞A3∞”

The Exit Full Moon portal is active and open, making recycle day active for 2 more sunrises. Keep throwing that which no longer serves you in and inviting the gates of heaven portal to replace it.

Be gentle with yourself but take no nonsense either.

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