Coronation Ra-Moses by Horus and Set

On this Day …

Marked on the Archaneglic Calendar ∞0C91B111∞411∞A3∞
We celebrate the coronation of Ra-Moses by Horus and Set.

This collaboration of agreement between Horus and Set is not a common occurrence, as Ra-Moses left no other alternative to the delight and counsel of Horus.

This is an auspicious day because it also marks the day the demons converted to the light or remained in darkness, only to take orders from the Archangelic Realm and more specifically Archangel Ouriel.

This is a day where we evoke dragon energy for all our transmutation purposes.

This is a day where we honor our selves and the sacred unions bonded by divinity.

This is a day where we deeply reflect upon the divine order in which governs all things.

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