Day of Michael, Planned Attack, Dragon Fire and evoking the Hand That Feeds Law

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0C72D22∞A21111∞A3∞”

The day of Archangel Michael has appeared on the calendar marked by the pure number D. Michael is going to be vary active until the freedom of humanity manifests this is a day to connect with him in a personal level. We also see the narrowing of the 1111 gateway as stated prior it will close on 1212 3D time.

There is great reason to believe that a complex set of attacks are planed for 3D Earths Thanksgiving. One of the main targets is the thanksgiving day parade, where a chemical, infectious or viral weapon that will be used to cause mass hysteria and thus force a poisonous cure upon the masses. Humanity has become too hard to control as they are starting to evolve past modern medicines devices of deception the methods are becoming more complex.

The dark aspects of Voodoo is the dark magic of choice and we evoke the hand that feed law to combat this. There is a giant and I mean giant, set of billions of voodoo dolls in the Roman Catholic Churches Catacombs.

The RCC is the metaphysical power behind the darkness, the same way Infinitely expanding creator source and the Archangels are NOW the metaphysical power behind movements of protection, freedom and justice.

Take a moment and state that no one or nothing has the right to harm you and it is not in your soul contract to suffer. Evoke the hand that feeds law, anyone who sends you a knife will be stabbed by their own hand.

If you recall we embue-ed this on behalf of the children being poisoned by modern medicine. We must at least contest these atrocities, so they can not sight choice by not choosing.

To combat this a dragon firewall has been installed, it does not allow any spells, voodoo or bad juju in your direction. This will cause a more direct confrontation of energy in your day to day but the sneak attacks are squashed for now.

For those who feel the Archangels are too harsh in dealing with the torturing of earth’s children, the enslavement of humanity and the killing of an innocent planet … If you are not joining us get out of out way or you too will be run over. Once THIS army changes its stance, there is no discernment about what is being transmuted. We will not allow humanity to be slaughtered by non interference as authority has already been given.

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