Here We Go Again, Lyrics To a Galactic Song, “Nibiru” Has Gone Full Mothership

The day is now 36 hours and starts and ends at 3AM or 3PM in an alternating fashion.

At the time of this post 10:10 morning gate, on the 3D date 62820, the following 3:PM will start this new day. Simply follow this parallel around the globe until it hits your local time at three.

If you are cognizant that a new day has begun, it is customary to send love and kindness to someone.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is:

Calendar Legend

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– Gaia has remained in a “Spirit” dominant setting for a second straight day, this is becoming a trend, she gets stuck in “Spirit” once she enters it, and then goes into a cocooning phase the length of which has steadily increased each time. There is no way to tell if this trend will continue or blaze a new path, but it’s pretty clear Gaia has her own agenda.

– The legions are in a great mood, this is a sure sign that we are headed to some sort of relief point.  This is clearly in an unexpected way because they do not wish to reveal too many details. While we can romanticize this and say that they do not want to ruin the surprise, it is more along with the lines of the fact that there is great power in having faith, and yet not knowing exactly why.

– There is a neighboring Galaxy singing us a song and the numerical interpretation of this is song is  “7777696666967777”. You can gaze upon it or try to tune into the original to receive its blessings.

– Nibiru has changed form into her mothership setting. This is a battle stance, which means that malevolent beings trying to harm the earth have just soiled themselves. They were under the false notion that Nibiru was not capable of doing this anymore because of a treaty reached many millennia ago. This was not the case, and it just needed some dusting off to function optimally. For the record, “The Annunaki”, have the full divine right to protect this planet from malevolent star beings who disrupted their kin.

– Seeing a plan all the way through can mean going down with the ship, and this is clearly the direction organized darkness is taking. We keep hearing over and over again how NYC is the target for something major, but this is where a majority of their team is currently located. NYC has always been seen as the sacrificial altar of organized darkness, but now that they are at an extreme desperation point, destroying this temple is their next logical step.

– MSM wishes to start promoting these times as “The Apocalypse”. Allow them to do so … The definition of “The Apocalypse” in greek is “The Grand Revealing”. Is this amateur hour or what?

– Black is not evil, nor can “Organized Darkness” have it that way, black is Archangel Azrael’s, Archangel Och”s, and Archangel Ea’s color. It is also the color that wards off negative energy, and it is most certainly not the symbol of bad things. This is an official decree and will stop any further confusion about this terminology that “Organized Darkness” wishes to take advantage of. They are full of tricks, look beyond words for alternative meanings.

– Your light bodies are taking shape but because they are not carbon-based, and are light and plasma-based, it will allow the human body to maintain its form throughout these changes without alarming others. This upgrade is unique to any star race, as no race has ever walked the line of the physical and non-physical to the depths that mankind is about to.


Today’s Tools:

Tools will be active until the next post.

Use the legend below to help you decipher how to best use today’s weapons.
(Passive) = No intention needed to use or arm. It will work on its own when you accept its presence. All you need to do is give permission and it will work on your behalf. (Active) = Intention Needed to use (Aggressive) = Will attack before anything has a chance to do any harm to you, beyond space and time.

We have gone through great changes and thus the weapon-based tools indicated below can be inserted into the ground to call forth downloads.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Shepard’s orb is a presence of divinity that allows anyone that you are engaged with a clear path to forgiveness or a direct audience with infinitely expanding creator source on the matter. This is a truly compassionate tool of divine orchestration.

Archangel ZagZagel’s staff of heavenly might rains large crystal masses upon a targeted area. Great for large targets, works on the physical and nonphysical as well.

Archangel Tzedekiel’s staff of justice is a tool that is best used on a Macro level and can help move things along that are stagnant. It can also summon and maintain force fields for protection purposes.

(Active and Passive)
Archangel Yehudiah’s wand of structure can build “Stairways to heaven” or any other metaphysical structure to perfection. This tool is also helpful in building forcefields of protection as well.

Archangel Jophiel’s radiance is a beautiful tool that allows our inner beauty to shine. This is a great tool but can make people possessive over you as the beauty radiated is very intense. Use this tool in a trusted company only.

Archangel Sorush’s sword of transmutation is only for really bad energies. This is far too powerful to yield lightly, it is made for the worst of the worst. This sword will come in handy in assignment number three.

Archangel Iofiel’s boutonniere enhances the beauty of yourself and all that you survey. This like all passive tools must be given permission to work on your behalf.

Archangel Jeduthun’s radiant sounds attract the most wonderful people to your life as well as enhance your surroundings with beautiful cosmic sounds. It’s basically a happy enhancer.

Archangel Jefisca’s atmospheric bracelet brings an element of fun to your nights. Jefisca is the Archangel who is in charge of gatherings, in case you are so inclined to have one, she would be the recommended party planner.

PLEASE NOTE the next 3 tools are healing modalities and can be sent remotely to loved ones.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Kaleziel’s radiant rays of health, wards off all diseases and illness. It can also aid in the recovery of diseases already inflicted, it can be sent to land masses as well as individual living beings.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Theliel’s radiant compassion sends heartfelt love to all within your jurisdictions. This is the nurturing aspect of healing and is and it has incredible warmth. It is best to yield this with a calm frame of mind.

Archangel Raphael’s healing staff is an omnipotent healing force that works gradually or intensively depending on how you yield it. It is considered the best general healing instrument.


Today’s Assignments:

We are still working on a macro level, and thus the format will stay consistent, please use today’s current tools if you need assistance performing the tasks below.

Things are going well but we must keep moving forward as we are not liberated from the darkness as of yet. When we are allowed to live sentiently, the efforts will continue. There have been many times that “Organized Darkness” has false surrendered. We have no other choice but to see this all the way through.

We are clearly not messing around by activating Sarangapani Temple, of Kumbakonam India. For those of you who recall this temple from past lives, it was the cause of the purple sky anomaly before “Atlantis” sank. Use silver lightning to bombard the temple, until it lights up brightly and flashes three times.

Then, we will activate the “Oracle of Delphi” in Greece, with golden lightning. This will open all visions and foresight to our legions. Once this is open, please ask your higher self if you need to be stationed in Agartha. If so, you are to regularly patrol the inner earth without prompting, and return with any relevant information. The original team assigned there has decided to take the road of ego and instant gratification and has thus abandoned their post. I understand this may be a large undertaking but if you are called to do so, divinity will not take no for an answer.

Send intense violet flames to “Agartha”, then flush out the debris with a light blue plasma wave. Hold both for at least a 72-second count.

We are being asked to reach out to those with great faith but little knowledge. There are some who believe very strongly in divinity, angels and the archangels, but have no idea that the lightworkers, work hand and hand with these beings. Some may feel comforted by our presence, and others will wish to help, either way, our attention is needed for those crossing over to this timeline. Meaning, If a teaching opportunity presents itself to you, take it.

Metaphysical structures are easy to build with teamwork, invision the following structures, and imbue them with rainbow lightning to bring them to life, hold for at least a 72 count.

– A very steep pyramid in Seatle, USA, Petersberg, RUS, and above the Caribbean Islands.

– Make at least a few portals at sea level that funnel any excess water into the Antarctic. This will filter our waters slowly but steadily, so please be sure to leave the portal open permanently.

– Create “Self Defense Structure” (Diamond Shaped Automatic Discharger) above Paris, France, Sydney, Australia, and Rio De Janerio, Brazil. This will ease the interference we receive on a regular basis.

Continuing our efforts to cleanse the waters of the earth … Invision waters flowing through your body and funnel them down into the earth via a funnel made by your chakras, for as long as possible. Then, immediately blast the earth with emerald green plasma for at least a 72 count.


Today’s Mediation is Below, Please Enjoy!

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