Restarted Loop, Your Existence is Pivotal to Earth, Embrace all Things


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If you know that a new day has begun, send love and kindness to all.

Today’s Date on The Archangelic Calendar is:


This day (6 of 13) is named after Archangel Camael and will feature abundant red hues bringing in abundance, gifts, and power.


Relevant to our Calendar Date:

– Gaia is in “Serzi’s Will” Serzi (Our Galaxy) acts upon the “Infinite Universe’s” will, which is yet a microcosm for “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source.” The current setting is “Spirit” and will remain there. There will be so much hope in the air as we are refreshed and renewed in the cosmic energy of change. 

– The day is named after Archangel Archangel Camael and will feature blossoming powers that will come of age appropriately.

Relevant to our Now:

– A loop has just restarted. While this sounds like we are stuck in the wrong place, it is good because the alternative was the definitive end. We have yet to get this right, and if we can recognize and correct past mistakes in this alternative timeline, we can break free. The former timeline is destroyed; welcome to a new reality. Humanity would have already seen its catastrophic end if we were only privy to working with famous universal law. We are moving in the right direction. Learn from prior mistakes, and avoid making the same mistake twice. This is meant to be taken in the macro sense, as most people reading this have broken from their loops long ago. 

– The new timeline we have just entered is not better or worse than the last timeline, but it is undoubtedly more mysterious and magical.

– Righteous leaders will take humanity in a great new direction when they emerge. It is in everyone’s best interest to help this come to fruition; every life on Earth will benefit.

– The ultimate battle will not take place in the physical; it will be decided in the “dark vs. light” push and pull of the ether. As waves of positive flow clash with the negative flow. 

– Do you feel that? Something is going exceptionally well. You can feel it if to care to take notice. There is a strong sense of divine guidance and support. As a metaphysical community, we did something right! Take joy in knowing we are in a beautiful place we have created with great mastery. Again, be aware that humanity in total is not on the same page as of yet. 

– A new guard is rising, filled with new leaders; they will rise upon the ashes of the old.

– The call is louder than ever; tune in. 

Philosophical Buffet:

– Resist nothing and grow in all directions.

– Any “psychic” without deep knowledge of how the multiverse and timelines work will not be accurate. They can even entrap those they do readings for in a timeline they will not wish to be on. This is why the psychic arts have been misconstrued as evil for so long. 

– A mind is a powerful tool once it’s aimed at what it truly wants.

– Unsolicited advice is always a product of the offerees’ ego.

Intentions can not be hidden; they are worn like a vest.

– People are desperate to be seen and acknowledged. You can quickly help them with this if their authentic self is present; if not, refrain from engaging with their ego.

– The fire of anger is a gift when channeled and appropriately controlled.

– No one is an expert on anyone except for that specific being’s inner/higher self. 

– If the modern world has passed you by and your notions of reality are based on notions 50 years past, jump back on the learning process.

– Powers will be on point if you stay loyal to your daily energy work; it’s a sacred space and time you create in your divine workshop.

– Through the energy of intention, matter births into form. By form, unlimited possibilities have sprung in the multiverse based upon that thought.

– It is almost impossible to predict the future given the vast amount of possibilities that lay ahead. We must rest easy on our diligent work to timeline surfing and the favorable circumstances we created.

– You will never get to tomorrow; when you get there, it will be today. The now is all you will ever have. You can create a great tomorrow, but you must be able to bring it into your now via multiverse travel through purposeful cognition. 

– The filter of the optical eye dulls the beauty of life. The brightness and vividness of the lens bring melancholy to the everyday.

Meditation bells travel globally on the exact parallel of longitude; they will go off every hour. These are subconscious reminders set with divine intentions. 

– This planet needs more empathy and an attitude that “we are only as strong as our weakest link.” If we pick up every last human and bring them to a standard where all their needs are being met, then we have solved many problems. To do so, we must eradicate greed and false lines of division. 

– If they have tried to stop you, they know you have already succeeded.

– Your existence is causing significant changes to the Earth. If you have moved around a lot, you are slowing down the significant changes that would have ripped humanity to shreds. We are all extremely valuable to Earth and its peaceful transition into a new world.

– Embrace the good and bad times; they are equally important. The treasure of life is advancing the soul, which comes from many different avenues of experience converging on your being. 

– Unwelcomed sentiments will meet a labyrinth of viscous energy. Do not trespass upon anyone’s doorstep. The stakes are higher than ever before, and tolerance for games is at an all-time low.

– A timeline can shift into another plane of existence with purposeful effort or randomly through circumstances not cognitively known. All realities must be actualized, and nothing in multiverse existence can be destroyed only experienced through varying degrees of actualization.

– Focus on nothing but your working relationship with your inner/higher self. 

– An alternative reality presents itself to you when you can vibe with its existence. It is then up to trust the series of intuitive nudges that will be like a turn-by-turn navigation to the universe you have revealed. 

– Words and thoughts can bring you to a new timeline, but for some, it is easier to think of this as the law of attraction as the mechanics of the macro only confuses them. There is nothing wrong with staying at that level as long as you are open-minded enough to know there is more to the story.

– If you could imagine yourself standing in front of your ancestors. Introducing yourself and telling them about you, how would they feel about the sacrifices they made to bring you here?

Metaphysical Tools: These will be individualized and forged by the person who uses them.

In the past, many tools were listed here that would help you work in the metaphysical with the help of the Archangels. Today, we ask you to develop individualized intuitive weaponry and wield them with the fervor you would use to swing “Archnagel Micahel’s Sword.” One of the main reasons for this change is to encourage personal evolution without holding the hand of anyone but the inner/higher self. 

Moreover, “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” is so large that the human mind can not conceptualize it. The smaller life forms that divinity breaks itself into from there are still difficult to digest (Archangels, Elohim, Angels, etc.), but the human mind can accept the general existence of these beings. Humans are parts of the same creator broken down into an even more easily understood form. This also means that humanity is a hop, skip and jump away from becoming the archangels they adore and love. 

That said, it’s time to stand up on two feet and walk into your unique power. Take some time and create your metaphysical weapon(s); hold them close to your heart and build a relationship with them. If you have already made your magical tool of choice, keep developing them until they are finely sharpened and incredibly accurate. 

To be noted: All color legions, those who can not correctly be articulated, and named legions are active and can assist in every possible way. 

Today’s Assignments:

Please use today’s tools if you need assistance performing the tasks below. Nothing requires you to do the following, if you are ready, your higher self will call you to duty; if not, skip the meditation.




The portals here are perfect and ready to use. 

– Use your personally selected metaphysical tool of choice and sever the connection of any painful timeline that could affect yourself or humanity. This is done by gazing well into the upcoming possible timelines and removing the timeline with a mighty strike.

– Use your personally selected metaphysical tool and break the dark clouds above the general masses. Once broken, send them through an “exit portal.” 

– Use your personally selected metaphysical tool and break the chains that hold humanity back. Once broken, send them through an “exit portal.” 

– Encourage peace and prosperity by engulfing the Earth with “Pink Flame,” “Red Flame,” “Orange Flame,” and “Rainbow Light.” 

– Take a moment and add your energy to the solution of an issue humanity has. There is no right or wrong target add care. To enhance this, ask the higher selves of everyone joining us today to help you do so. 

– Attacks on our food supply are nothing new. Use “Red Flame” to encourage abundance in our food supply. Use “White Flame” to encourage the purity of our food supply. Use “Black and Violet Flame” to halt any plots to disrupt the food supply. 

– Bless the Earth’s waters (wherever they may be) with “Rainbow Light.”

– Bless yourself and your loved ones with profound “Violet Light,” “White Light,” and “Rainbow Light.”

– Help everyone get on their best possible timeline by envisioning yourself guiding Gaia to the best possible timeline. Once you have felt her shift, engulf the timeline with “Indigo Electrical Strikes.”

– Bring forth Joy and appreciation by engulfing all life on Earth with: “Yellow Light,” “Yellow Flame,” “Yellow Gamma Ray light,” “Yellow Light,” and “Pink Light.”

– Encourage natural order by engulfing the Earth in the following: “Teal Light,” “Teal Flame,” “Diamond Flame,” “Indigo Light,” “Indigo Thundering Light,” and “Rainbow Flame.” 

– Finish this act of kindness to all of life on Earth and beyond with the following: “Multidimensional Violet Flame,” “Rainbow Breeze,” “Rainbow Flame,” “Rainbow Winds of Change (Flame and Breeze),” “Rainbow Water,” “Rainbow Plasma,” “Rainbow Electrical Strikes,” “Rainbow Gamma Ray Lights,” “Rainbow Thundering Lights,” and “Rainbow Light.” 

Thank You for Your Service!

 Today’s Video is Below; Please Enjoy it!




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