Two Puja’s (Prayers, Blessings) for a Very Special New Moon

There are two blessings on this beautiful new moon 🙂 One for our divine selves, and one for our divine Earth. Join us in creating a more positive world via our inner/higher self.

We are all ” Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” in form, and it is up to us, to be, experience, and become one with this fact. We must always be cognizant of that, even the day, week, month, and the year is divine source in specific form. The point is, it is your personal relationship with the divine, that will decide what will come of these efforts.

This New Moon will provide a special eclipse that is more of an omen then a celestial event.

((( ((((((( ((((((((( <3 )))))))))) ))))))) )))

Holding a quartz crystal in your left hand, state aloud or in your mind’s eye, that the intention of this moment is to connect this space and time to divinity.

In your mind’s eye, envision a small portal opening above your crystal.

In your mind’s eye decorate this portal and set it in a scared space that will not be disturbed.

((( From this point…
Read the words within the -> ” ” <- and then follow the instructions between the -> ((( ))) <- )))

” I am grateful for all the things that have brought me to this point, I deeply appreciate and thus bless my past and all that I have ever experienced. The unfolding of my divine self has been brought forth in divine essence and timing, I am grateful. I shall bless my past and present by listing the things in which I have deep appreciation and love.”
((( List the things that you are grateful for )))

” I create my tomorrow by saying, Source, you can not fool me, I know you are all that I can encounter. I know that I am source expressing itself in a specific form. Therefore, I create a wondrous experience for source to experience via my divine self. I summon forth the following experiences into my divine space and time. ”
((( List the things that you wish to manifest )))

___ ______ _________
_________ ______ ___

Second blessings to Earth:
((( (((((( ((((((((( <3 ))))))))) )))))) )))

” I am one with the earth and I send forth healing energies from every corner of the universe to Her. ”

((( Send the following lights, electrical pulses and flames to planet Earth …
The sacred violet flame
The sacred platinum flame
The sacred emerald flame
Brightest white light
Brightest pink light
Brightest golden light
Brightest rose gold light
Brightest calming platinum light
Pulses of circular electric white light
Pulses of circular electric violet light
Pulses of circular electric platinum light )))

((( Meditate then say the sacred words below )))

“Mitakuye Oyasin, A’HO!”


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