Who Are the 24 Legions?

Dragon Legion

A beyond powerful force



Angelic beings, Cherubs, etc.

The Mythicals

Beings from the Mythical Realm. Fae, Elf, Griffin etc…


Hybrid Angels

Too numerous to list.

Hybrid Dragons

Too Numerous to list

The Royal Guard

They are an elite group as far as guardian spirits are concerned and are very aggressive in their approach to protection.


All shapes and sizes of personal protection.



They provide information and support.


Gods and Goddesses

Light/Love workers –

Most of you reading this right now.


Forces from our Galaxy


Forces from outside our Galaxy.

Andromedan Special Forces –

A handpicked Galactic specialty force most of which are from the Andromedan cluster.

Archangel Michael’s Unit

Assembled by Archangel Michael himself, this is a seemingly random group with no uniformity other than Michael’s pick of them.


A special operation unit dedicated to the freedom of humanity. They operate as stealth and are rarely seen working.


All youth in the care of their elders.

Plants and Animals

All innocent sentient beings.


This group includes many rogue factions who go against oppressive rulers, and this truth stretches far and wide. It ranges from the many rebel groups of the cosmos to the White Hats, Peaceful Protestors, Rebel Politicians, the pure hearts of law enforcement, Protestors of Truth, Bad-Ass Truth-Seeking Hackers, Those not willing to turn a blind eye, Medical Freedom Warriors, Occupiers, Anons of all Letters, Civil Rights Activist, Freedom Fighters and others of the same heart of this earth.


The Brave & Bold Legion,” is made up of the bravest beings we have ever encountered. Most of these beings have either detracted from their dark organizations or have been living within them undercover. They are truly amazing beings from every corner of the universe and have a great deal to do with the fall of “Organized Darkness.”

The “Angel legion,” who wish to differentiate their function from the “Archangelic Legion;” they have beyond proved their point on how different the two sibling groups operate. In a concise example, Angels have a bit more of a hive mind than Archangels, who also share a common focus but are drastically different in their cognition; this makes Angels much more helpful on micro issues.  

The “Builders Legion,” who is not handy with the sword but can build anything with excellent results. They encompass every “type of being” one can imagine, and all of which are incredible engineers. Call upon this legion when you want to create something bold, unique, and useful. This legion is multi-faceted with unlimited potential; they have free reign of motions. 

“The Outstanding legion” is full of the standouts from every race and planet. These are the ascended masters from every upper dimensional race in existence, and every one of these beings earned the right to be there. They put in the hard work and accomplished unimaginable things to become the highest version of themselves.

“The Invisible Soldiers,” which includes spirits, emissaries of light, past life loved ones, and many more unseen heroes of the day. This legion ranges from “nonphysical spirits” to amazing parents who sacrificed it all for their kids. It is the legion for the tireless/thankless workers who go above and beyond in the name of love. These unseen heroes are the backbone of how far we have come; it’s time to acknowledge and protect these unique beings. 

~> “The Elohim and Elemental Legion” are beings too large for proper names and descriptions. These beings are also too large for personalities, and have crossed the border where physicality ends and “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” begins. These beings can create star nebulas and make the seasons cease to be. The power in this legion is something that goes beyond earthly prophecy.