We’ve already won, the opening of the 144 gate, Sunset to Sunset, Tools at your disposal, Transmuting The Dark Masses

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0D83E144∞A41111∞A3∞”

We’ve already won, as a hard timeline shift has already taken place. So as we go as hard as we can tonight (bringing the sacred fire to the Friday sunset dark masses), know we are existing on a timeline where we have already succeeded.

We have opened the 144 gate which allows for full access to divinity, while vacuuming out the dense resistance at the same time. They will appear to be two different portals, but they are in fact two ends of the same quantum split.

Lines have been drawn between light, dark and those who choose to rise above both to embody love.

We are seeing a heavily censored internet. This is similar to when the Nazis burned books they did not agree with. We can clearly see what’s coming next.

Great Brittan and Australia will see a great unrest very shortly and a great split of many nations will occur.


“When the black masses start, they use an oil that is ferment with fetus and other young bodies. This has been going on for many millennia, rescue the spirits in their oils before attack.” – Archangel Azrael

The masses are run by 12 dark monks and 1 master in local locations. The dark mass of NYC has 200 members joining this evening. They anoint themselves with this oil and then eat the foreskin of circumcised childen. This is used to help their empty souls steal enough energy to perform this syphon. For the last 5 weeks they have not been successful, they are desperate and have gone to more extreme measures. This is why we are having such a massive show of force this evening.

“They try to kill humanity but they have never allowed humanity to live, the energy they are trying to kill, is the same energy they are embodying.” – Archangel Zophiel

A fatal flaw in organized darkness’ plan was found and exploited. They are trying to accomplish a great die off of humankind, and the energy that they are attacking has already been stolen by themselves, and thus, they are attacking themselves this evening with us. Their higher-selves have given us full permission to stop them and thank us for our service.

“I have walked all realms and been involved in countless battles, but I have never seen divinity take such a strong stance before.” – Archangel Metatron

To the general masses, the time for teacher and student is over, save your questions for another time. The Masters of this earth are engaged elsewhere on your behalf.

Today’s Tools for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

Passive = No intention needed to use or arm
Active = Intention Needed to Yeild
Aggressive = Will attack or block without intention

(Passive & Aggressive)
Aggressive stance will be held by Archangel Dubbiel, Archangel Michael (Shiva) and Archangel Raguel. Its a lot like having 3 guardian angels who aren’t in the mood to play games.

(Passive & Aggressive)
Archangel Och, Archangel Ea and Archangel Azrael are arming us with aggressive body armor. Armor that attacks upon the intention of your opponent with the power of these three amazing Archangels.

(Passive & Aggressive)
Archangel Af, Archangel Orion and Archangel Fa are arming us with aggressive shield which much like the aggressive armor, attacks upon intention. The difference is that you can use shielding as a conscious weapon, deflecting large objects and can also be sent to others.

Archangel Zophiel, Archangel Barman and Archangel Gabriele are on Intel. They have any info you may need, just be sure to be silent enough to hear it once you ask them.

Support and onset tools will be handled by Archangel Baruchiel, Archangel Camael and Archangel Raziel.

(Passive, aggressive and active)
The triple violet flame is optimized and ready for a very powerful wave of purification. It will be run by Archnagel Germaine, Archnagel Ansiel and Archangel Zadiekiel. This is an indication of where we are currently.

(Passive, aggressive and active)
Triple Flame of Transmutation will be handled handled by Archangel Israfil, Kali Ma and Anubis. This is a harsh and unforgiving flame.

Archangel Leo’s Sword is great for crowds one of the most powerful sword for ancient issues.

Archangel Lou’s Flaming Sword is capable of bringing fleets to surrender just by its sight.

Archangel Nathaniel’s flaming sword of retribution, use only after attacked first. In this case we have already been attacked use at will.

Archangel Nasaragiel’s flaming sword good for containment cubes and general transmutation.

Archangel Isaac’s Sword is much like Michael’s with no specific strengths or elements elements and it has pin point accuracy.

Mjollnir (Thor’s Hammer and Strength) great friend to humanity Thor has length his hammer and the strength to yield it. Can freeze beings or destroy machinery, there really isn’t anything beyond its jurisdiction.

Artrmis’s bow great long range and for crowds. She is extremely aggressive as she has to be separated from Apollo for tonight’s conflict. The moon will melt your face off this evening if your heart is not with us.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Jophiel’s horn can disrupt anything or anyone, should be used prior to engagement. It is also set to aggressively attack anything attacking you.

(Active, Non Discerning, Dominant)
Archangel Azriel’s full blast a powerful blast that can transmute large areas without discernment. If you are sure you have cleared a dark mass of innocents this is your best option.

You all have your own unique sets of gifts, tools, weapons etc… We would prefer you use your own, but for the. most part, most beings have yet to discover and develop that. We do not 0l0 have time for you to figure this out, the time is nye. If you cant fight, help the soldiers who battle on your behalf.

Sananda (Ben Joseph’s Higher self) and Lucifer are both on task for this sunsets confrontation as well as the legions upon legions. Never before have we had such a massive showing from all dimensions. Surely we have already succeeded, bring your best!

To be noted, special ops are flying all around you, please do your best to engage only in your department.

/\ Sunset is officially 4:31 PM /\
They are coming for us either way
Time to fight back
Re-read if necessary

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