Victory at the Gate, The Element of Air is Dominant, Preparing for 3D Sunday’s Syphoning

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0D93E244∞A51111∞A3∞”

The earth has shifted to air mode, which means we are in a time of swift change.

It is just and right to celebrate the victory from last evening, and it is even more right and extremely appropriate to celebrate and welcoming of the 13th Archangelic Legion led by the best of the best from Andromedian quadrant. “The Intergalactic Special Forces” will be available for highly sensitive missions and overall assistance to humanity.

What we do need to realize is that organized darkness has yet to form a viable plan besides swift retreat. We are keeping a super close eye on their movements and will continue to update everyone as they decide what their 3D Sunday morning plans are. We assume the syphon will be attempted with the lower level dark priests as they have nit been informed.

Tomorrows sunrise will have the benefit of an aligned archangelic calendar day of the Sun along with the 3D Sunday, providing us an opportunity to strike the final blow and end this conflict once and for all. This will manifest via the 1212 exit gate and there is no telling how.

We do know that the lower levels will not realize the higher masses have ceased until it is far to late for them to retreat. We also know that it will be imperative for everyone to stay sensitive to the changes in energy and formations as things change.

What was a very interesting turn of events last evening was that organized darkness turned the page and immediately called off their dark masses mid event. They then time traveled to 3D Saturday night because the onslaught that was brought forth was too much for them to bear. You can clearly see this event on the Schumann resonance & Tomsk Scale pictured above.

The day shifted 24 hours with in a micro second and the 3D Saturday Energy was set a day early. This would be the definition of victory for the good guys, and Archangel Zophiel will keep us all informed as soon as they know what their plans are.

It seems as if the Friday crew is going to hide out in the rivers of time. They will not be able to return to this reality on any timeline. They are not familiar with the archangelic timeline and any intersections from the past have several voids that can not be surpassed, this is an unavoidable reality for them.

“Nothing can be hidden from me, as soon as they decide you will know” – Archangel Zophiel

As the lower levels of reality realized what had happened, the great hush came and the great spirit entered in full glory.

The energy is so intense now thay we see many searching for the nearest metaphorical cliff they can find. We ask you to avoid the many programmed avatars, as they are on self destruct on this day.

Themis and Archangel Metatron have restored balance and in this balance fair resolutions exist, how they manifest is up to the parties involved. This is not as simplistic as it sounds and is in fact beyond complicated. That being said, this timeline will have GIANT gray area. Way too many do not vibrational match earth’s new settings for it to be any other way.

With this opening, we have firmly nestled Gaia and all her relevant dimensions into the full 5D settings.

Rest assured, the avatars are bringing their devotees home in love and kindness, as well.

The Draco rebels have clearly won and come back in time to help us. We helped them some time ago and they came back to help us without out us even asking. Blessings and great thanks to them.

The White witches of Earth deserve great credit for their assistance in these times and times long gone as well.

Extremely Current info that may change …

Latest Intel from Archangel Zophiel …

“Organized darkness is petrified from the events of last evening, they had no idea a force like that could possibly exist. They have no new plans at this time, they have not mentioned the Sunday Syphoning changing though” – Archangel Zophiel

“Plan on bringing more of the same intensity at sunrise tomorrow which peaks at 1PM on the east coast of the US, but it will continue all day and night as usual” – Archangel Metatron

“We watched bones burn as we raised our flag upon their castle” – Archangel Azrael


Archangel Och has been moved to the protection of children exclusively, they have many threats near and far and we all feel this is the best place for him to use his abilities.

Archangel Muriel will be in charge of defending the childrens safety during these tumultuous times as many of their parents have chosen to leave their bodies abruptly.

Archangel Raphael is on healing and comforting of all beings as usual, but he will be specializing in those who have helped last evening.

Tools Available:

Archangel Nathaniel’s flaming sword of retribution, use only after attacked first. In this case we have already been attacked use at will.

Archangel Nasaragiel’s flaming sword good for containment cubes and general transmutation.

Archangel Isaac’s Sword is much like Michael’s with no specific strengths or elements and it has pin point accuracy.

Anubis’s shock staff a very controlled massive wave of explosive transmutation.

(Active)Kali Ma’s trident is good for long or short range disruption, restrain or transmutation. Can take out chakras with ease.

Shiva’s (Archangel Michael’s) sword is the same sword as Michael’s just flaming. This sword is great for crowds and is one of the most powerful swords for ancient issues.

Reminder … Life is 1% what happens 99% how you react.

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