The 444 Giant is open bringing an exciting new day, Gaia doubles down, Reason for Seizmeicic Activity

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0E13E444∞A51111∞A3∞”
Available Gates for incoming and outgoing 444. 1010, 1111, 101, 1234, 234, 222.

The archangels opened the 444 gate because in situations where you have a vast amount of outgoing energies, it must replaced, as is law. As to not leave it up to any wild circumstances again … We will be replacing the dense matter that has left our reality with pure Archangelic plasma of the 7th dimension.

This day will manifest as interestingly as we have seen a day manifest, and we can expect swift change in every aspect of existence that will be long term.

Please Note that the 444 gate is the largest gate open at the moment, being almost double the size of our galaxy (Serzi). Which has also been secured and is as aligned with divinity as she has ever been.

To double down on this energy, the element of water is dominant. This means that long and sustaining changes, as well as sustaining support are the dominant vibration of the universe.

Our vibrations are complex at its simplest form, and gigantic beyond measure in actuality. Our feet upon the earth cleanses the soul of gaia when we are here, barefoot grounding is highly recommended today.

Our motions in defense of Gaia will/have result with in seismic activity. This is because of the depth we needed to go. I can not guarantee that all of rumblings that you will experience today will be seismic, regardless you are aware.

The lines of division have become very complex and have divisions inside of divisions. We need to encompass “the one” and our only border shall be of divinity.

Massive wide spread panic has set in with-in organized darkness, as the 13 feel with ease. The grids they have created destroyed and their power source nullified. The procession entered and the flag was raised, the new king has been crowned and thus the old empire shall fall. The score was kept and thousands witnessed.

There were many “tried” sneak attacks that were attempting to catch us off guard. Like I said, they tried and Archangel Zophiel would like to point out surprise is no longer a weapon of the darkness. Desperation is at an all time high for organized darkness, be ready.

The souls created during the “Lucifer Experiment”, which only bears his name and not his power, do not exist in the same overlay as we do as children of divinity.

Even though they are indirectly divinity, they are existing in a universe that they do not belong to divine law. Removing them from our universe is an act of mercy, they simply go back to the universe where they are from to a more comfortable setting. Remember, we are seeing shadows of consciousness not sentient beings themselves. Which explains in many ways why the avatars of Earth are so well programmed, duality meant we were existing in a spliced reality of sorts. Luckily the Infinitely Expanding Creator Source sent its best engineers who after many lifetimes have corrected this quantum circuitry issue in a very “down and dirty way”.

“Organized Darkness is strategically blocking out the sun and dowsing people with pharmaceutical drugs from above. They use a meter designed to measure and syphon the area of high light fractals, they can see your light but not who you are” – Archangel Zophiel

The modern day programmed avatars are still on self destruct mode. We are seeing that they are on a well program, and it is very difficult for them to shake because it is a free will issue. There isn’t much anyone can do to help them as they keep choosing to reinforce their programming with TV, movies and media.

To all see-er and gifted ones, when we look to the future look for the start of the early Pleadian Empire of EARTH and not the fall of Rome. Specifically the coronation of the first Pleadian King us a good landmark. We may have “Never Was-ed” certain things in the future, it’s best to not look into the voids.

Today’s Tools for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

Passive = No intention needed to use or arm
Active = Intention Needed to Yield
Aggressive = Will attack or block without intention

(Passive, aggressive and active)
The triple violet flame is optimized and ready for a very powerful wave of purification. It will be run by Archangel Germaine, Archangel Ansiel and Archangel Zadiekiel. This is an indication of where we are currently.

Archangel Chamuels Sword of peace can reach even the darkest heart, yield like any other sword.

Archangel Haniels Radiant Love is a massive detonation wave of angelic love that goes of without discernment or hesitation. You will be hit as well, but you won’t mind. This tool has the ability to sooth a pure heart and rehabilitate everyone else.

Archangel Kokbiel’s Star Arranger can move the earth, stars and moon. Change fate, change destiny, remove blockages, push or pull large objects or call forth help. Its an amazing staff that can do just about anything.

Archangel Isaac’s Sword is much like Michael’s with no specific strengths or elements attached and it has pin point accuracy.

Archangel Raphael’s Healing Staff which is a staff of nature and can evoke healing in many different modalities.

Archangel Orion’s Engineering Star Staff can correct inconsistencies or DNA issues in any being. It can also aid in healing electrical current issues of living beings.

Archangel Zappiel is in charge of bringing out hidden pockets of hidden agendas. She is also in charge of handling their consequences as well.

Archangel Azrael will be reinstating an aggressive stair way to heaven (direct portals to source’s reincarnation section).

Archangel Zadeikiel doing triple duty will be injecting gaia with angelic medicine through pillars of light.

If you get any photos of the pillars or stair ways to heaven, please post them below.


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