OG Quantum Theory vs. New School Quantum Thought, A Message to all Star Races in our Area, 9 crowns in 1

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0E23E544∞A51111∞A3∞”
Available Gates for

Incoming 555, 5544, 1111, 101, 111, 123, 222, 234, 333, 345, 5050, 5555, 10001010111

Outgoing 111, 123, 234, 333, 424, 707, 808, 202, 505, 5544, 10010111100

The roman catholic calendar makes human progress extremely slow because the universe does not operate in such a dense linear time. The sooner you start observing the Archangelic Calendar the faster a positive new reality can manifest.

If you can in-vision 3D as a lower dimension run by the RCC calendar and 5D as a dimension that uses time stamps for classification purposes and not to dictate rhytum (Archangelic Calendar), we can over ride the 3D.

In order for this to effect all 7.9 Billion People of Earth the entire 144,000 collective of elites, would have to achieve this, baring anyone who will leave of their own free will of course. This is no where near as far fetched as it sounds, and in fact can be made probable, by a mass sharing of energy via telekinesis.

Many Earth Years ago we existed on a timeline that had only 144 masters, not thousands but 144 people. Gifted see-ers were able to see a timeline where the 144 went full blown superman on earth and easily corrected it’s issues. This is an out of date timeline and has changed drastically on recent years.

The timeline that we are currently experiencing has 144,000 fully ascended masters, all capable of going superman at any moment (many have). This humongous truth has become so large that it is hard for any see-er to discern one timeline from another. To add to this uncertainty, we shift timelines in more frequency than we see the sunrise. What remains consistent is that all timelines lead to earths liberation. The only variable is how many invited quests come along.

There are many ET technologies at play in organized darkness, the fractal measurement I mentioned yesterday would be an good example of this, even though I wish to highlight a less obvious technology today. Most of us are aware that cloning is possible, but most of us are unaware of how wide spread this actually is. Almost every one can be cloned and replaced with a more compliant version. That being said, everyone on TV is most likely a clone … Or they are completely bought, or they are a ruling class member pushing their agenda. Please Keep this in mind before trusting a smiling face on TV.

As we reported yesterday seismic activity of Earth has drastically increased. What also needs to be noted is that this energy wave has set off the same on other planets.


(((Pictured above, you can see the newly formed veins of jupiter, this is how Jupiter exists in 5D)))

We live in an an age of understanding, where we can philosophically and esoteric-ly ponder the semantics of this event (on jupiter). We can question if what we are seeing actually happened or if we are just rising to a consciousness where we can see it. Alternatively, we do not live in a modern scientific society where we could even present an alternative theory to modern science.

According to OG quantum physics, it would state that the event on Jupiter was caused in real time as a result of our subconscious projections. Conversely, the new school quantum theory, (which I did point out to Dr. Fred Alan Wolf who did not have any alternative hypothesis to what I was presenting to him), which we all know today as timeline shifts and has the observer in motion and not a stationary part of the universe.

If you can digest the concept of timelines, you are observant of the new school quantum physics engineering and thus have more knowledge than the one of the leaders of modern science.

I adore Dr.Wolf please do not take this as a knock on him (he has done much for our understanding), this is more of a knock on modern science’s close mindedness, corruption and inability to hear alternative theory. The point is, that humanity is not going to move forward when we oppress information, which is common place. This is why we say do not pick and choose your battles within those walls, the entire system is your issue.

“It is clear to us that humans would have no ability to manipulate earth in such a way. This is why we are so perplexed as to how any star race could sight non interference as reason to salary neutral, in a case of obvious interstellar sabotage.” – Archangel Zophiel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and the 13 Legions.

With the above being emphatically said, I state as my credentials as they are listed in all halls that .. you need to leave ASAP if you are just here observing. Humanity is in need of help, earth is not a science experiment, you can not sit back idley and “see what happens”.

The prayers of these people have been answered by the most powerful force in existence. There is nothing higher than the will of divinity, no fleet, no race, no collective, this is who we work for.

Our motions are the will of Infinitely expanding creator source and it would be wise to understand this is who we speak for. Much of this is caused by the fact that an archangels vibration is too large for most Galactics to see, and because most galactics are not used to seeing larger beings then they, caution is immediately evoked.

We have also had situations where Archangels were attacked in mistake by galactic fleets. We have also had situations where humans were taken against their will in the name of experiment and we have kept record of all of this.

As we prepare for what we need to do, anyone not protected by our direct armor and not considered “us all” will be in serious risk of a soul injury. There is be no pure heart included in that statement, The beings, (none of which are human) that we speak of, will be in great danger, as we clear the higher dimensions of appears to be a major issue.

What will be mistaken for an overlay or quantum sheet, will actually be a chakra of a very large star cluster personality type named SA. Gaia called him forth to her front, how this will manifest is up to them.

The crowns of divinity have been united and a very intense wave that has been felt throughout The universe can be expected. We can also expect many visitors because of this.

Today’s Tools for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

Passive = No intention needed to use or arm
Active = Intention Needed to Yield
Aggressive = Will attack or block without intention

(Passive, aggressive and active)
The triple violet flame is optimized and ready for a very powerful wave of purification. It will be run by Archangel Germaine, Archangel Ansiel and Archangel Zadiekiel. This is an indication of where we are currently.

Archangel Chamuels Sword of peace can reach even the darkest heart, yield like any other sword.

Archangel Azriels sword of reset is a sword that can shatter the essence of anything and help them see a new perspective.

Archangel Kokbiel’s Star Arranger can move the earth, stars and moon. Change fate, change destiny, remove blockages, push or pull large objects or call forth help. Its an amazing staff that can do just about anything.

Archangel Isaac’s Sword is much like Michael’s with no specific strengths or elements attached and it has pin point accuracy.

Archangel Kaleziel sword of healing is especially useful in healing any disease from the body or otherwise. Its a great but abrupt tool of healing not to for everyday use.

Archangel Haniels Radiant Sword is a massive sword that sends out targeted swiped of angelic love and healing. This tool has the ability to sooth a pure heart and rehabilitate everyone else.

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