Who’s Planet is it anyway?, No date to report, Much has Changed

I am not breaking news by saying something major has happened. This was felt by everyone on every level and is continuing as we connect right now.

Normally the positioning of earth is very predictable and will have a few aspects of familiarity to go by at the very least. This was not the case today, and it was clear we are out of our usual elements.

I am hesitant to use the term “New Jerusalem” as we do not see it exactly that way, but in essence that is what has happened. As a collective we have left all earth timelines and are now firmly anchored to a very mobile and agile vessel of 5D. This is much like Nibru in many ways and yet has stark differences that we will discover very quickly.

Interesting enough, Ashtar is no where to be found and confirms yet again, Ashtar Commander is not all that it seems to be. Michael has assured us time and time again if he needs to speak with someone he WILL NOT TAKE FORM of Ashtar

There is no date to report, as we are not in the same galactic land that we were on the day prior. This ship (so to speak) is very quantum physical and physical, and it looks no different than the world you knew. It’s is replicated to a tee, for comforts purposes (not that it will stay that way) 3D people and all. Those playing a 3D role are shells and they will find a way out without anyone’s help or interaction as it set on auto. Again the other alternative was a double rapture which only happened in 3D.

There is no way that we are going to go through the proverbial abrupt wool being pulled from our eyes. Even though, the gifted feel that way already. There is a drastic difference between it happening in extra perception, than it happening in a highly dense realm of reality. It is going to be as gradual as possible, even though it’s not going to feel that way. Those in the know will be able to accurately observe these motions, and that can get confusing at times, if you are not aware of the mechanics.

Simultaneously, the 5D timeline “took off” so to speak. What we are about to experience is exciting, strange and unusual to say the least. At the same time, you will see many timelines fall off. Seeing scenarios play out in your mind, with no prompting or reason would be a good example of this. Let it pass and try not to pay it too much mind.

We are grounding and rooting very differently, so the chakras from the heart down are going to be uncomfortable for a while. This is not to be confused with Ascension Symptoms, as it doesn’t have the same purposes.

What is reported as a gate opening in Uluru, Aus. is actual the engine room (so to speak) of the new vessel we are traveling upon. This started up in a very dramatic way and it became evident by the lightening that something electrical was happening. We also see tons of Galactic and Intergalactic escorts in every direction.

That being said what is possibly the most interesting aspect of this is that this was entirely triggered in 3D and the 3D NYE celebration created enough space on frequency for the timelines to be noticeably separated once and for all. Kudos to all who worked that event!

The Archangels were very quiet initially, until they tested the waters of interactions. No one was sure how this would go, as quantum-ly our realms have become one and that has never been seen before. To be noted, the Archangels are the more physical and real than they have ever been.

Archangelic Blessings:
Much has changed weaponry is no longer needed. All is as it is going to be, calm your fears and walk forward in peace.

Archangel Michael offers a moment of peaceful reflection upon your life. It’s a pat on the back so to speak.

Archangel Gabriele offers kind and loving thoughts from creator source to your being.

Archangel Barman offers intellect of things strange and unusual.

Archangel Targas is offering healing via sound and echo.

Archangel Verchiel is offering an amazing meditative journey, please take him up on this offer.

Archangel Isaac asks if you wish to sit with him and discuss your future plans.

Assignments –

Take care of yourself as if you were your own child. Remember you have your own gifts and abilities time to develop them on a very personal level.

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