Trust – Faith – Allow

Let everything fall as it will, allow for the heart to detach from what it sees and be comforted by the reassurance that all has great purpose.

The castles all crumble, it needs no interference from anyone, from any dimension. Do your best not to engage in things that brings your vibration lower.

Start to build the new immediately, do not wait until you are waste deep in rubble to start cleaning up. Do not waste another breath procrastinating as things are already in motion.

These events are on autopilot, you must remain cognizant of this fact. Quantum-ly speaking this is not a loop but the closest thing quantum understanding has come to a predetermined destiny. That is remarkable considering that unlimited timelines still exist and it is evidence of a divine hand’s interference in this matter.

Quantum-ly speaking, none of this is real, not a drop. The subatomic world that governs physics is holographic and illusory at its most physical essence. We are constantly creating these things via our subconscious and conscious interactions, which intern guides us to timelines that best fit our complex set of vibrations.

The ruling class just below the highest ruling class will see their power vanish within the blink of an eye. They are counting on the fact that the poor is beaten so badly, that they will blindly protect them from any issues that may arise.

This specific unrest is controlled by Sophia as the unconscious parts of humanity have clearly come to life. This was the divine spirits answer to the reality that we were living. What we are seeing is Sophia’s motions in real time.

Sophia is the essence of divinity that flows through all life. It can give life and this is the same divinity that inspires strong impulses. She is the same energy who is natures oversoul and all desires of a natural kind come from her loving intentions. She is an EXTREMELY large energy and can not be personified better than to say she is ALL female aspects of creation. Mom if you must simplify it to that point.

There are no absolutes in any grouping of individuals where choice is at play. Not all criminals are unjust, and not all hero’s are good people. I always advise using deep discernment, but you should be doubly cognizant of discernment as waves of confusion hit the general public.

Everything that has been done, has been done. All the t’s are crossed and all of the i’s are dotted, we are simply watching the divine work through life to adjust itself. Do not panic in the face of any of this, just follow your intuitions. You must refrain from spread panic, as surrendering to the Universe is all that is needed at the moment. It would be unwise to promote anything else.

We are in the flow of experience, much like when a bird glides after flapping its wings, such are we. The ebb and flow of divinity must be respected at all times. If the energy does not wish to do something, simply allow it not to.

Many of us effect things on a Macro Level, so keeping your vibe right will have implications on and off social media. If you find yourself in a place of little access to electricity, know that the electric heart is always connected and if we can all tune inside, we would not need technology to communicate ideas and ideals.

As we reported yesterday, we are clearly in transit as there are no galactic, cosmic or planet based time stamps to go by. It is clear that we are not meant to wonder aimlessly and we will arrive in what’s being nicknamed Terra Earth.

The Pleadian – Siran – Arturian counsel that has taken over many duty’s normally performed by the Galactic Federation of Light. This was a switch of necessity and does not reflect any falling out with the Federation. The federation is very limited in their ability to intervene and although we still have a very strong presence on that counsel, we have chosen long ago to work in an alternative way. Commander Aziz of the Pleadeas is the director of the Terra Earth operations at the moment.

The lower timeline fall out had proven to be more dramatic than we could have anticipated, considering it was not something we were directly experiencing. I wouldn’t expect to see this cease for some time.

You can clearly see quantum entanglement at its best in the lowwr timeline fall outs and the answer to the question, do other un-conscious timelines effect us? The answer is absolutely. The other factor at play here is the fact that we have evolved into a multi dimensional conscious being and this is just the consequences of that.

Round one of upgrades have concluded and the forced decision we are making is that we will halt any further cosmic grounding until the human vessels have healed enough to handle more. The upgrades were extremely effective, but our bodies did not take it as well as we could have hoped.

The Archangels have never laid full eyes upon us before (so to speak) as their vision is limited in 3D because of various reasons, so this normally does not happen until after we leave our bodies. You can only imagine the difficulties the Archangels have faced trying to protect this very sensitive situation throughout earth’s existence.

To further this point, the only ones who broke through that 3D barrier in full form are Michael, Gabriele and Raphael. To put that into perspective, of the unlimited number of Archangels that exist (trillions upon trillions through the multiverse who tried) they are the only three who were able to do so, its an incredible statistic to say the least, and it is no wonder why they are all house hold names.

Poetically speaking they all descended into the abyss and emerged through hell victorious. If we take a closer look at their motions during these times we find much to learn.

Archangel Michael did this with raw unadulterated bravery the likes of which no one has ever seen or ever will again. He just commanded his will, and so it was.

Archangel Raphael did this with Love and Kindness, he healed his enemies. He laid upon no judgement upon their healing and simply operated in a very real place of unwavering compassion.

Archangel Gabriele did this with communication, clearly stating to all parties what was expected and having the faith to know it will go through beautifully.

The following will be with “us all” if you accept:

Archangel Raphael’s radiant healing as an emerald green healing warmth filled with Raphael’s healing energy.

Archangel Michael’s strength gives us the ability to make even the hardest challenges in life feel effortless and graceful.

Archangel Gabriele’s tongue helps us communicate from a place of love and it helps us heal each other with our words.

Archangel Ariel’s glaze helps us see the love in all things, scenarios and people. This helps us see above it all so we can see the divine at all times.

Archangel Claire was once an Angel who specializes in comforting children. As an archangel she has a broader range of coverage, reach out for her hand and she will always grab it.

Archangel Zadiekiel innovations will have great ideas flowing be sure to write them down.

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