Ra’s return, The Dragon of Christos, Gais purging DNA, Iranian Star Gate Alternative Option, Assignment Australia

One can not evoke one aspect the Universe without its opposite polarity also being brought forth. Sophia had been so much on the hearts and minds of all people consciously or subconsciously, that Ra has been successfully summoned in its fullness.

Luckily Ra is super easy to work with and extremely predictable as he is very forth coming. A giant solar burst is going to seem to appear without warning, but lets be clear its an emotional discharge and not a solar event.

The Dragon of Christos (Quetzalcoatl) has been released by RA and its is not to be misconstrued by whatever fantasy humanity has created about these metaphysical events. It is an energy that will infect the cosmic feeding lines of humanity. This essence hits from our divine connection as these beings prefer entering our lives in such a method to avoid confusion.

Gaia will be removing much DNA from terra earth in a various efforts to cleanse herself of what no longer serves her and this will manifest in many ways. This will be very visible to your gage yet it is not existing on your timeline, the conscious mind needs this closure in order to allow the new era to begin (even though it has already begun). Just think of it as watching the end of a movie where all the participants are characters and in essence from a quantum stand point, this is true.

We all exist on an uncountable number of timelines. The people of a lower vibration are conscious on a lower timeline where are the Light/Love workers have vanished without a trace, as comfort was not a concern on the lower timelines this was possible there. Clearly, we were not consciously aware of this event, and thus felt no discomfort what so ever. Quantum-ly much is the same for those on a lower vibrational setting, as closure with those energies is coming to fruition.

The Pleadian, Syrian and Arturian counsel are our main points of contact for inter galactic affairs. This counsel is far more willing to intervene than any other prior. The Counsel is inviting all benevolent forces trying to enter via the Old Sumerian Gate to enter via the equally capable but very public NYC gate (101111011001010110000111001000011011100). To our would be guests, despite what you hear about New Yorkers, they will be much more accommodating than how you are presently being treated. Just please understand that this gate is in public view.

Archangelic Blessings: (you must accept as well as be chosen, all blessings are set for passive work).

Archangel Temperance’s healing elixir can be evoked any way you evoke any other liquid elemental by envisioning.

Archangel Gabriele’s Living words, will make our words have legs and take on a life of their own.

Archangel Zophiel’s Intel will make anything that needs to be brought to our attention become immediately revealed.

Archangel Raziel’s Master key allows entrance to all quantum doorways and locks them behind us.

Archangel Camael’s abilities allows us the spark needed to develop new abilities and fine tune the ones we are already masters of.

Archangel Ariel’s prosperous blessings rains down material blessings in a steady and never yielding way.

Assignment Australia:
Australia is having a truly compound issue, mother nature is battling an infection and it is being sabotaged at the same time. This is going to need a compound set of metaphysical tools.

Green Cooling Plasma Rain can be summoned the same way you are normally summoning rain to Australia, except In-vision it Emerald Green. This will add an element of Archangel Raphael’s plasma for cooling and healing purposes. This is like an ointment rain of sorts and should be used exclusively on this issue as healing needs to start even before the fires have been extinguished.

A few weeks back MANY readers of these words shot down Soro’s satellite within seconds using their metaphysical tools, I would suggest doing the same to the satellites sparking these fires over and over again across the globe (13 Satelites).


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