A Balanced Masculine – Feminine Universe, Healing a wave of Sorrow, Light Assignments

We are very balanced in the masculine feminine polarity department but it was not without great effort on parts too numerous to list, even though this was mostly influenced with-in the Terra Earth collective. Of course this is great news for the collective but it will cause a North – South adjustment, meaning it will bring balance to other areas of our quantum settings far more complex in nature.

There is a sorrow that we have not felt before and hope not to again in the ether. It is clear that all sides have accepted the outcome of conflict in regards to earth affairs and we are walking into a giant surrender to divinity. This is playing out more like a purposeful creation of choice, rather than a random set of circumstances.

For months we have said that climatic conflict was the path that anything connected to the 3D timeless will be experiencing, and there are different degrees of connection to this truth. You can be connected just enough to be aware of these events, yet they do not effect you in any way shape or form, or you can put yourself in the middle of these events and feel every drop of it them, the choice is up to the individual and where it puts its attention.

Our general awareness is always a little bit out in front of the present moment, this awareness is warning us of the tremendous sorrow that is about to manifest in a few sunrises. It is more important to evoke healing at this point than at any other point in human history. If this is a test of our abilities, allow this to be the final examination and evoke profound healing on all levels of existence the likes never seen before or will again. I believe that with enough healing juju, we can minimize any effect these events may have upon our personal lives and those on the cusp of higher consciousness as well.

There are a tremendous amount of Armor, Shields, Grounding tech, Intel, passive metaphysical tools etc.. that you are embue-ed and equipped with as one of our 15 legions. I am not at liberty to say which ones but they are similar to those 10 or so days prior.

Archangelic Blessings: (Simply make a mental note of what you wish to participate in)

Archangel Michael wishes to tell you stories of great triumph, these stories will take place in the future and in the past, so listen carefully if you choose to evoke him for this reason he never repeats himself.

Archangel Germaine’s firewall is a wall designed to keep your area clean and clear from invading parasitic energies of thought.

Archangel Zophiel’s Intel allows you more access more information, past lives and higher realms of meditations.

Archangel Jophiel’s soothing flow is attached to all inputs of our senses. Anything we experience will have her radiance attached.

Archangel Raphael’s healing radiance brings an element of healing to our entire physical world. He is basically working overtime until further notice.

Archangel Ouriel’s crowd control will keep all lower vibes away as long as its equipped.


Our experience lightworker vets will tell you when you are feeling in an area of floaty aloof-ness, it’s best to lightem’ up!

Envisioning lights upon earth, upon of Galaxy and upon our Universe.
There are many lights and various purposes behind each light. I will make SOME suggestions but please do not limit yourself to these lights alone.

A Light Blue Light is a great healing tool for DNA and Molecular issues. It can mask the quantum field and allow the healing aspects of the universe to work without interference from the conscious mind. It is associated with the Sirian star races, the Arturians and Archangel Michael of course.

A Black Light can thwart a negative energy by summing the power of the Archangelic Guard, who adorned in black, specializes in the removal of negative energies of all shapes and sizes.

All hues of green have a healing effect that vary too greatly to differentiate at the moment. What remains consistent is that all shades heal in a very deep, emotional and physical way. It is associated with Archangel Raphael but it is also associated with the greatest doctors in the Universe known as the Mantis Race.

Rose Gold light is associated with the sacred feminine as well as Archangel Muriel it can sooth sorrow and regret.

Teal light is associated with Archangel Verchiel and is a great light to be used in places of difficult decisions.it helps bring clarity and bold outlines to what lays ahead.

Orange Light is Associated with Archangel Haniel and Archangel Zophiel. It can bring an intense warmth of healing to targeted area. Works very well on weather.

An Indigo light brings and uplifting feeling to a target area and it also works well to bring a cooling sensation to burns. Works well on weather as well as forest fires.

Diamond Light is Associated with Archangel Metatron as it penetrates any and all boundaries. The diamond light is completely independent from other lights as it is more crystal than it is light.

A Rainbow light is a light that gives you a variety of archangels that are associated with the various lights there in but it is mostly known to bring the presence of infinitely expanding creator source to the said area. It is also reminds an energy of their covenant with the divine.

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