A timeline shift brought many light workers “online” to their powers, Timing of Societal Reform, It’s what I didn’t say that matters – Rule Changes

We had a massive timeline shift which brought many more light/love workers “online” to the divinity Grid. You will notice a sharpening of skills and the development of new ones. Archangel Camael will be handling this in its entirety. It will be helpful to reach out to the newly indoctrinated Light-workers to see how they are coping with their new energies.

Many people are reporting patience in the subject of total societal reform. These reports have been greatly exaggerated as this will be a case of humans making plans and “god” laughing. This will be complete in days and not weeks or months as it is being reported.

Beware of those who are chewing something as they are bringing you something else in their hand. Which means anyone who says something and is doing something to the contrary. The government are the masters of such games.

It is not what is written that matters but what is not that is most important at the moment. I can imply an entire message on this forum that I will not write only implied in thought. This is well within the rules of disclosure according to organized darkness.

I will imply my thought and expect everyone to know what it is, as keeping with the new defined terms of this rule. I do not feel it is necessary to comply with an older set of rules that they have clearly changed. This was done in response to their staggering defeats.

From this point forward you may see ((( … ))) you are expected to read the thought associated with the subject. Believe it or not, most of you will be able to do this with ease.

((( … )))

Archangelic Blessings: (Simply make a mental note of what you wish to participate in)

Archangel Tzdekiel offers you a balanced innate setting that will settle in wherever you may roam.

Archangel Naya’il is making everyone who is on the fence about decisions make these said decisions in a reasonable amount of time. Accepting Naya’il’s blessings, speeds up all manifestation avenues in all directions.

Archangel Temperance’s health elixir rejuvenates all aspects of your being with a steady stream of potent healing energy designed to help in good health and in bad.

Archangel Michael, Archangel Isaac and Archangel Leo are all on guard, accepting them on this day is much like getting three guardian angels who so happen to be powerful Archangels.


Space X launched 60 satellites with many anti psychic shields. It is best to pulse your attacks until it sparks rather than provide a steady stream of attacks.

Archangel Michael’s Electric Sword is the same sword he traditionally uses with an electric charge designed to over ride electronic equipment this will be helpful with the satellites.

The more Intel we get on the Vatican the more urgent a propaganda war upon them must be. They collect souls and their karma-tic based dharma. This basically means if you have lived a life devoted to their cult that you have lived not a single moment for yourself and even in death donations will be insisted upon. While one could easily draw this statement up to philosophy, it is a part of our reality and thus has become very real never the less. It is more important than ever that we plant a seed of mistrust in regards to the Roman Catholic Church and their atrocities.

We will keep envisioning lights upon earth, upon our Galaxy and upon our Universe.
There are many lights and various purposes behind each light. I will keep these suggestions the same as the day prior to help everyone get comfortable with these energies.

If you feel you are ready you may use any light in plasma form and it will stay for extended periods of time.

A Light Blue Light is a great healing tool for DNA and Molecular issues. It can mask the quantum field and allow the healing aspects of the universe to work without interference from the conscious mind. It is associated with the Sirian star races, the Arturians and Archangel Michael of course.

A Black Light can thwart a negative energy by summing the power of the Archangelic Guard, who adorned in black, specializes in the removal of negative energies of all shapes and sizes.

All hues of green have a healing effect that vary too greatly to differentiate at the moment. What remains consistent is that all shades heal in a very deep, emotional and physical way. It is associated with Archangel Raphael but it is also associated with the greatest doctors in the Universe known as the Mantis Race.

Rose Gold light is associated with the sacred feminine as well as Archangel Muriel it can sooth sorrow and regret.

Teal light is associated with Archangel Verchiel and is a great light to be used in places of difficult decisions it helps bring clarity and bold outlines to what lays ahead.

Orange Light is Associated with Archangel Haniel and Archangel Zophiel. It can bring an intense warmth of healing to targeted area. Works very well on weather.

An Indigo light brings and uplifting feeling to a target area and it also works well to bring a cooling sensation to burns. Works well on weather as well as forest fires.

Diamond Light is Associated with Archangel Metatron as it penetrates any and all boundaries. The diamond light is completely independent from other lights as it is more crystal than it is light.

A Rainbow light is a light that gives you a variety of archangels that are associated with the various lights there in but it is mostly known to bring the presence of infinitely expanding creator source to the said area. It is also reminds an energy of their covenant with the divine.


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