Archangels have taken over the RCC Calendar & the 3AM meditation bells

((( The Archangels have take over the Calendar )))

Steadily the Light Moves Forward …

Every 3AM EST the Archangels ring a bell (and sometimes blow a horn as well) that marks the start of the new day. It travels around the globe on the 3AM line but at the time of reset it is directly lined with sacred mountains of the Lenape tribe, an ancient temple connecting the north and south pole, atlantis, as well as a multitude of galactic download centers in the heavens.

This has been happening for many orbital turbs, as many of you recall being awoken at 3AM on the dot many times during the awakening process, which also coincides with when your desire to know had reached critical mass.

Many people ask which ArchAngel is responsible for this and it is always assigned differently based upon the needs of humanity on any given sunrise. This is much in the same way Archangels work in general by assignment, after permission is given by the parties involved.

Why is this important ? … The Galactic Date and Time system that is commonly accepted in the higher realms is not commonly accepted on Earth.

We are in the process of changing critical mass and as you are an Imagine Cell (a being responsible for the subconscious incoming stimuli for many others) it would be helpful if you stay cognizant of this fact.

The divine calendars we use is very complex but it can be taught. The calendar you are currently using is not recognized because of its original intentions.

You can acknowledge the the Roman calendar until the hearding of humanity ceases but it will no longer mark time in any sort of relevant way.

The linear time created by the roman calendar was designed to block divine orchestration and has thus cause major delays in direct archangelic, galactic and intergalactic intervention.

When you are dealing with higher dimensional beings they mark time with landmark events. This is also the case with Earths NEW Calendar system.

You can request the actual date at anytime. It will change everyday at 3AM EST.

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