Blessing of the Animals and Children … Prana Ayma Season continues

It has been Officially Decreed that …

Archangel Och will be assigned to protecting children against evils in general but more specifically he is on the front lines of the Anti-Vax movement.

Archangel Kalaziel will be handling the healing of children in general and will be directly helping heal vaccine damaged children.

Archangel Baruchiel to help find missing children not only is he the archangel of support but he is also the general so to speak of the guardian angels and thus can locate anyone by the location of their guardian angel.

All children are firmly anchored in 5D. Rest assured the youth are experiencing the 5D timeline. They will stop manifest the same way because its almost the exact same frequency of the freedom of youth. ?

Archangel Dubbiel the archangel who most resembles a bear is on the task of rescuing all innocent animals from abuse and neglect.

Archangel Jophiel is on soothing and comforting them in times of complex tribulation. Jophiel is the Archangel of Art and Music but it is more accurately described as the energy of music’s and art’s making.

Archangel Merriam is on the healing of the Animals more specifically the bacteria, fungus and parasites they obtain from their diets.

The animals that we have held in our hearts throughout our lives lay at out feet in the physical and non physical realms until we return to non-physical source. They do this to guide people through the labyrinth that was falsely created but is no longer hijacking beings as they crossed over. If you have a loved one who passed, who has had a pet who has passed in their lifetime, you can rest assured they were guided home by their pure hearted guardian.

The pure number has risen in the sunrise of Michael position. This happens every 9 earth rotations and is celebrated on the completion of this on the 10th Sunrise and is indicated today by the number C of the Archangelic Calendar. Treat this day in many ways how you have treated Sunday in the past. Spread love, blessings, family and well wishes. Keep Michael and his legions in your hearts and make it a point to enjoy the day.

Chains have fallen off large parts of humanity. It was an incredible almost oddly pleasurable and painful feeling of chain … That manifested below so that was real time and event currently happening on the realm we are most conscious.

The 3AM meditation bells have been emphatically rung by Archangel Metatron to mark this new day. This one was loud enough to break all seals.

The galactic flash has just hit the lower timelines and has caused mass chaos. Do you feel it, No??? Great because that means you’re anchored in 5D. If you are still in service time to move up and if your shaking to your core you are definitely not reading this.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0B72C22∞A1111∞A3∞

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