Prana Ayma Celebration, Archangel Pesagniyah offers her services.

Prana Ayma continues with a celebration of peace, loyalty and justice.

Archangel Pesagniyah has taken the task of being the archangel for those suffering with Alzheimer’s. She is known for carrying prayers of grief to Infinitely expanding creator source, now she is to be evoked on behalf of Alzheimer’s Suffers and their comforts.

Although the Star Races who enslaved humanity have evacuated, they have left behind the Humans that have betrayed humanity. When their Masters left, they set many traps and have told their human$ exactly how to navigate these said traps. It is will be easy to spot whom they are as Archangel Zophiel (Divine Spy) has left you ample clues to connect the dots.

The lost dark soul (human) summoning the unholy armies has been removed. This is the first day humanity will be able to live without a regenerated dark soul population.

Gaia sets the limit of how many souls she wishes to host, if there was too many she wouldn’t allow anymore.

When the dark cult removes pure souls from their bodies, they replace them with other souls. This is no longer possible from their power base. Since the archangels have regulated the ebb and flow of souls, they can no longer replace those they are forcing to leave it leaves a giant gap in their personal vibration which allows for pure source vibration to enter and this is making (and has made) it to painful for them to continue to live a physical life.

Archangel Och, Archangel Laylah and Archangel Dinel have become directly involved in Children’s affairs but they are also the exact same team of Archangels supporting Humanities uprising to freedom.

Ganesh is an extremely active General on this day …

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0B82C122∞A1111∞A3∞”

Gates of Heavens Open and Closing Key Codes for those of pure heart. With ill intentions nothing can enter. You can meditate on them or pass them along to those who need them.

10001010111 (open)
10010111100 (close)

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