Maha Rupa – Great Beautiful Form

On this day …

The feast of “Maha Rupa” (Great Beautiful Form) marks the observation of the many great miracles of divinity.

Beings to welcome in to your life today:

Kali Ma, Dancing Shiva, Archangel Metatron and being that you feel personally connected to.

The Archangels wish for your assistance … Who would you imagine to be the most fun and most comedic being in all existence? What divine personality would you most want to meet?

This can be any being from any divine Avenue from the evoking of the element of air to a heart to heart with source itself.

Answer in spirit please /\

How do you reply? Telepathically … Many wish to connect in a personal way, if this is your desire to do so please evoke the sense of humor of that being.

Just be ready for some laughs today!

Happy Maha Rupa, Maha Rupa!!!

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Easiest way to jump aboard mediate upon today’s date according to the Archangelic Calendar …


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