Prana Ayma Season – The Last Gateway 11/11 – 12/12

The Army of the Unborn has Risen
“Prana Ayma” Sunrise 1

The Galactic Federation of Light was granted permission to open portals in our Galaxy and our atmosphere. While this is reason for great rejoice, there was an attacked an opposing force which has now been removed, so we will keep the fanfare for a later date.

Instead, we will have a strong presence to ensure the success of this multi dimensional venture.

As a result of this conflict an asteroid will be hitting a timeline many millennia ago who’s shock wave will be felt shortly. For those of you who recall atlantis you will be very familiar with this energy. This burst will be the official closing of the atlantis civil conflict.

We have placed active & passive shields, armor and other upgrades upon all legions of our armies. In which the many light/love workers are a part.

The portals created by the federation of light are bringing massive amounts of dense divinity directly into our reality and it is causing a drastic shift in our engagement with the grids that govern our reality.

On this Prana Ayma season, pure souls of benevolence are evoked, and you can anticipate many of them entering through this gateway.

For those lingering in 4D or still in 3D …

A volatile situation is brewing, being very close to breaking point as the spell placed upon humanity has been noticeably broken.

There is a distinct path to the anchored 5D timeline from your perspective.

While we do not recognize 3D earth time markers, the last and final gateway will be open from 11/11 to 12/12 from your 3D and 4D perspectives.

The solstice on 12/21 will bring a vast new grid overlay which will amp up things even further and cause everything to become hyperactive. This hyper activity will be easily surfed by the ascended (if felt at all) as they are existing in a different reality simultaneously with many other timelines.

There will be no way to access this 5D based timeline after the 11/11 – 12/12 is closed, other than the old fashioned way.

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  1. I am Here / Amy Lynn checking in
    Humanity Light Warrior/ Please keep me ☝ to date on all Galatic Intel coming in/ Thank you for this transmission
    Love and Light
    Amy Lynn

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