Prana Amya enters Kali Yuga’s final stage, Many have received first contact, 1111 and 111 gate still wide open, Giant Pyrite of the Vatican

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0D33D644∞A41111∞A3∞”

Kali Yuga Enters its final Stage in this Prana Amya season as the many christ-ed have fully ascended creating a Mass Christ Consciousness Season which has overlayed the 3D holiday season.

The Giant Mammoth in the room is the amount of us contacted by our star family last evening. Those of us who know our star ancestry should make EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE TO CONTACT THOSE OF YOUR INCARNATION LINE. They will be most comfortable with you, show them around and offer unlimited assistance. They are guests, keep cognizant of this fact.

Where will the force that brings earth freedom come from?

“Sparks from above ignite our blaze.” – Archangel Gabriele

The Royal guard has ignited the sacred flame and will be guarding it until further notice. If you are not familiar with the Royal guard they are giant and I mean giant energies who you would not want to be opposing.

Challenges and Solutions:

Subliminal messages in movies and TV are convincing people they are sick and dieing.

They are also creating human Avatars that are putting us all in a very tough spot. While they are not evil, they are programmed to do so. We evoke the law of the hand that feeds to return as much bad juju to the people, (Disney and the ruling class) who have orchestrated this plan.

Compassion is not possible for these avatars, as they are designed to take themselves down with the ones attempting to help them. The dark calls this “The Empath Trap”.

Transmutation is not possible in this case either because they are not impure of heart, they are programmed. This is one of the many traps left behind for us to handle by the escaping non human rulers.

The best possible solution is disciplined focus, where you are constantly engaging in strategic energy attack and defense until they submit to source.

As the aforementioned are convinced that they are sick and dieing, they will find a way to exit before critical mass reaches this truth and discovers this as per their program.

As you are starting to see the ebb and flow of how humanity is syphoned (Friday. Sunset to Saturday Sunset). We can point out a much more complex syphoning done very creatively on 3D sundays, as the NFL, World wide futbol’s, sports in general and the Churches Money Machine plays for Ceasors amusement in Rome and shower him with gifts.

An easy solution to this issue exists as the world’s largest pyrite sits in the center of the vatican catacombs, which they stole from the Templars. Lets consider this the Anus of the RCC. For those of you who have wished to ram a metaphorical meteorite up the Vatican’s Anus, you are welcome.

The Macro chess game is finally over, we still see some random pawns on the chess board refusing to quit but they have no real power.

Many upon many, will submit when they realize they are in the waiting room for a counsel with the direct divine. It’s not as romantic as it sounds, feeling shame or guilt in that moment will feel like unlimited pain.

Today’s Weaponry for the pure of heart, that expires the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

Archangel Lou (a Vishnu incarnate as well), is assisting in the Triple Flame today along with Archangel Germaine and Archangel Raphael from the day prior.

Archangel Nasaragiel’s fire Sword, ignites metaphysical fire as well as an amazingly sharp blade.

Archangel Michaels famous light sword. Just holding it is enough to radiate change, using it is world altering.

Archangel Jophiel’s wand, a sound based tool that handles very large areas and crowds with ease. It can also send energy electronically in massive waves or pulses.

Archangel Laoal’s vision lenses, truly enhances psychic ability and the ability to read ancient texts correctly.

Archangel Temperance Elixir used to rejuvenate, revitalize, recharge mana, recharge life force, good for general health issues, and in cleaning.

Artemis and Appolos Bow is long range and in large areas (as arrow rain), all bows abd arrows are imbued with this essence on this day.


Archangel Nasaragiel via the 111 & the 1111 gate and will be igniting the hearts of mankind in unity against their not so secret enslavers.

Archangel Azrael is in charge of the weather. Clearly he is making changes in a vast and dramatic.

The Goddess Isis is in charge of awakening ancient and higher timeline protective energies. She has been assigned to putting the pieces of the puzzle together, to form a new earth grid overlay.

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