The Law of Attraction – A way to make a better slave, Zophiel Reports Control of Physical Realms Achieved

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0D43D744∞A41111∞A3∞”

The great temple is complete and it is completely aligned with the Arturian rainbow bridge and all of its way-points.

“Remember its never a lie, its always a distortion of truth” – Archangel Metatron

Law of attraction was brought forth by a group of the ruling class (Rockefeller, Carnegie, Edison etc.) who commissioned Napoleon Hill (a pure heart), to detail what they knew that no one else did, in regards to manipulating the universe (if they did not, they would have broken their own rules).

“The Law of Success” is a very large book and it displayed many various laws to take into consideration for manifestation purposes and not just one.

It was later turned into a cliff note version “Think and Grow Rich” which detailed only enough to create material things, but says nothing of the repercussions there in.

If you solely follow the Law of Attraction, you will be caught battling your own thoughts, suppressing emotions and have almost no knowledge of divinity as it actually is. This was a well devised and executed plan and was done to create a more compliant slave.

In this new slave avatar, it was always grateful and it was willing to patiently wait for gods blessings to unfold. The divine as it is defined in these terms is not complete and thus evokes the law of balance. Which always has an opposite reaction and would take a very sneaky person to master.

Which to be noted, the term god does not mean creator to the organized darkness, god is an analogy for the three heads they worship. They also appoint someone as Jesus and its always the most evil among them.

Napoleon Hill realized this at some point and wrote “Outwitting the Devil” which was suppressed from the public until about 10 years ago. In this book he outlines their plan, and also outlines how to defeat them as well.

What is true in regards to purposeful manifestation … Yes, your thoughts create your reality but there are MANY factors involved, some cognizant, some not.

– Authority to do so (Too big to tackle here)
– Your consciousness and vibrational settings
– Heart Weight
– Desire Level
– Willingness to bend (universe test)
– Mental interference
– Physical Interference
– Ether-ic interference 5G, emf etc..
– Energetic Debt
– Other Parties involved and their beliefs
– The other of uncountable universal quantum laws of your overlay at the juncture

*** This is why many can battle to great efficiency in the astral yet can not manifest a cup of coffee ***

The Wiccans did a great job of mastering these laws but it took too much work to learn and those who have reached master status arr very few and far between.

Eastern Traditions have many who have been able to master these laws, but China, India and government in general has done a great job of eliminating record of them for the most part.

There are many others who have mastered this without the need of a 12 week plan, certification paper or indoctrination ceremony of any kind. What does remain constant is that all of them had a profound relationship with infinitly expanding creator source via their inner connection. It’s all inside of you, just look there before you do anything else and it will inspire the right actions.

Remove the ruling class will greatly decrease the resistance humanity is facing in regards to quality of life. They harness all of your energy for their desires, leaving you with just enough energy to take out their trash, make them dinners, harness their gold for intergalactic trade etc …

The darkness works for the light, they just don’t know it yet. When Rhonda put her book out it was intended to confuse, but it in fact she accidentally set many on a road of curiosity and true discovery.

Who is “The Abraham” really? What was Ramtha and Kryon trying to tell humanity about Abraham?


Archangel Germaine (St. Germaine) has shifted from Violet flame to violet upgrades. This is a great sign, and it indicates that we are comfortable where we are headed.

Archangel Azrael has assigned himself the official remover of resistance. You will see many exit stage left.

Archangel Gabriele is officially dedicated to diplomacy with all star races and is the director human affairs.

Today’s Tools for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

Archangel Zadiekiel, Archangel Ansiel and Archangel Raguel is in charge of the triple violet flame, which is a great sign that things are easing up for us all.

Archangel Raphael’s Healing Staff which is a staff of nature and can evoke healing in many different modalities.

Archangel Kaleziel’s Broad Staff, this staff is great for removing health blockages and for the thwarting of the demons of disease.

Archangel Michael’s Sword which is an ancient tool used to transmute original essence demons and general negative energies. It can also be used to hit targets in the distance.

Archangel Isaac’s Sword is similar to Michaels with pin point accuracy it has long range uses as well.

Archangel Orion’s Star Master Staff, why drop a house on someone when you can smash them in the face with an exploding star. Great long distance powerhouse.

Archangel Gabriele’s Horn is a complex tool. The higher your consciousness the stronger it is. It can make all who oppose you submit before the battle begins. Great for announcements that you wish for all life to hear subconsciously. Warning, it will echo back hard, so figure out a way to come from love no matter how angry you are.

For example … If you yield this in anger against those who are causing harm via vaccine, it will hit you the same way. Instead, blow the horn for the protection of the children, in this way protection is echoed back to you and not punishment.

“We have finally gained control of the physical realms, what was prophecy from one realm has seen it’s mirror. The higher realms have descended and the lowers ascended, rejoice.” – Archangel Zophiel

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