Sophia’s Mirror, Mustard Garden, Unbound by Time, The Genesis 6 Agenda

You have to think of the Universe as a Mechanism of sorts in this equation. There’s an unlimited amount of directions to grow, if we could over simplify this it would look as if we had an energy that should be perfectly spherical, that grew super tall but has utterly no width what-so-ever. Within the width and isolated to the width is clearly an issue of polarity, where the opposites have not found a place of coexistence and thus we have the state of what we are experiencing during this transition phase.

Sophia is running mirrors upon herself which is a large macrocosmic set of tests which are designed for various purposes. She has gone deeply reflective, this will provide a very unique and very specific sets of testing for her aspect of divinity to experience. Again, She is putting herself through these contrasts on a macro level, and it will effect all aspects of every life. These words will not hit you fully at this moment, divinity will be doing all of that in its entirety.

The first time I ever encountered Sophia (in this body), I had no prior knowledge of her, and it resulted in her name being the first word I spoke when I awakened from it. She chooses initiates in many ways, one of which is a very brutal process of checks and balances of gaging. She is now putting herself through this same process for the highest divine purposes.

We are no longer bound from the barriers of time as day and night have merged. The ability to see the light or lack there of is irrelevant in this equation, as the human mind does not see all lights when they are present to them.

The Love / Light-workers have effected the masses with their infectious energy. The mustard seed has taken over the entire garden leaving the only options for non matching energies, suffocation or assimilation. This statement will shock no gardener on the nature of growth and what happens when something overtakes your garden.

There are streams of energy that line every major city and town designed to be the veins of syphoning of the masses by organized darkness. This is why most of us feel more comfortable in less assuming locations. It is best to try to heal these waters rather than battle their currents. It has no source of energy and are just empty vessels at the moment.

The Genesis 6 Agenda has been initiated and that gives humanity very little time to have the benefit of a habitable planet. This is also means the 13 ruling class family’s are down to 6 which is the exact number that would set of said event. The then said clean slate they created repopulated by those 6 family’s only. These are very obvious aggressive moves in full disclosed in and of itself.

If you are not in motion in some way, it will be challenging at best to navigate what is happening at the moment. I can assure you that nothing is going to manifest from nothing without intention, if you do not have base knowledge enough to navigate these waters upon your own, Prayer (Puja) would be your absolute best route.

Archangelic Blessings for “us all”, please make a mental note to the specific being if you accept.

Archangel Claire always offers comfort and a hand to hold during tough times or anytime for that matter.

Archangel Raphael is a healing specialist ask him for any assistance in that department.

Archangel Raguel is offering humor in the face of anything that opposes you.

Archangel Chamuel can allow for a break to catch your breath if needed.

Archangel Zophiel offers you information that you have been craving.

Archangel Verchiel is offering clever words of persuasion and charm.

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