Terra Earth, Sophia’s Revival, A clear Imbalance in the Force, A predictable Mesopotamian War

We have reached our landmark for what is nicknamed Terra Earth, we will not be recording the positioning any longer as anyone who loves us can find us via our heart connection and we are not meant to be found by anyone else. In the 7th dimensional awareness you find what looks like a small mass which is an entrance the unidentifiable archangelic realm, such will be the only way to Terra Earth as she is too precious to have it any other way.

The false cities if Light have all been destroyed by Archangel Azrael and his crews. This allows for humanity shape their own destiny, as a human collective we have at least earned the rights of non interference.

There is no more uniformity on our timelines, we are at a quantum vortex there are no straight lines to this place. It is extremely possible that the person you meet has had a completely different experience (universe) that brought them to the moment, the same as you have a personal experience to speak of as well.

The semantics of their journey should not be misconstrued as your own nor debated. Unless of course, you have such a strong understanding of quantum physics that you can digest the fact that two people can sit in the same room where one has come from a flat earth dimension and one a round, then it would be possible to discuss the other anomalies that would exist there in.

Humanity is simply not ready to digest any of these truths (they do not know the context, most of you do not either) and this why we must take a position of leadership if we are able.

There are many streams of energy that interact at this dense point of creation. These energy’s have become imbalances and thus will be reset at this moment by the collective efforts.

Begging at the feet of a killer is a position you must accept because the second you get off the flat of your back you will amass more power than oppression can handle.

“Excuse me sir, if you please, if you do not mind, excuse me, I mean sir can you stop, good sir I explore you to hault.” – Humanity to the very small number of ruling classmen left.

They have always given you snippets of hope letting you think your protests are actually working when in fact you are serving the system from a different direction. If you want them to stop poisoning you, I think this approach is futile at best. The entire system is the issue, not the semantics there in, the entire dynamic of our infrastructure needs to be broken down and rebuilt upon more loving principles. We can not support the methodology which brought us to this point any further as at that point we are encouraging the problem.

What is absolutely clear is that earth is a very special place and the truth above all other social truth is that an organized effort to kill this planet has begun. This is not about climate change, it’s about Chemtrails, Gmo, 5G, the persecution of healing plants, Vaccines, Poisoning of our children. It doesn’t seem like there are many negotiating points to these issues of blatant murder except an abrupt end to the atrocities being handed to Gaia Sophia.

Sophia is a very special and very large energy, that somehow found herself in this strange crossroads where she became a living breathing planet from being a much larger density. This event causes massive waves of change and no matter what level of being you are referring, impulse can drive any being to making drastic change immediately.

From all the tears that have fallen to all the sparks that ignites the rains all natural causes are of Sophia’s command. The Christos energy is the physical manifestation there-in and thus balance is achieved.

We have a very clear UNBALANCED sacred feminine issue, and it would be the duty of any Sacred Feminine to embody the highest version of their divine self as soon as possible. As Sophia clearly wishes to enter in a more physical way aka the collective beings of earth.

This is not to be confused with the battle of the earth sexes as this Sophia energy will be housed in all willing, Male, Female or any other Gender who chooses this path. We must stop thinking that gender has anything to do with dominant masculine or feminine settings of a persons make up. When it has everything to do with divine orchestration and divine symmetry of diversity.

As the very ready sacred masculine collective has responded as very strong omnipotent force, the feminine has responded in massive quantity of warmth and love, in the nature of Sophia’s distress. What is clear is that the level of general maturity on this subject needs to be elevated as fast as possible because most are not even willing to accept a female aspect of the universe, nevermind embody her.

Sophia is stuck in the dream world and her essence must be freed in the hearts of mankind to a point of critical mass. This is why there is so much missing in the world that we have created, and why we can not create any further until we do this.

The false feminine is clearly failing at their self imposed roles. They felt it was about their worth and it is truly is only about their ability. The only way the false feminine matrix can fall is by the true sacred feminine to overtake it. They have stolen your collective thrones, and walked in your image for millennia, how long will you allow this?

Everytime a Mesopotamian based portal in the middle east opens, you can bet a war will be started outside it’s walls for many reasons too ridiculous to list. These portals are unpredictable and considering the firepower it took just to pause it, I highly doubt anyone is going to able to control this in any capacity in its new and very upgraded from. The Annunaki will be entering via this gate (among others) and as usual and they are less than thrilled with their welcoming parties accommodations, always choose diplomacy.

To the many of us are friends with the various Star Races, we must continue our efforts of diplomacy in face of what the ruling class has chosen to do in a very humble way. The good news is that, we are not the greatest risk to organized society anymore, that would be the Annunaki at the moment and Nibru’s job.

Nibru (Nibiru) has a setting called Marduk, it’s omnipotent planet buster, the fact they have not used this tells you of their intentions. They are here for their children and are most certainly are not here against them (for the most part). Imperfect as all this has been, love is the driving force in these interactions with our star family.

Polarity is directly at play, do not ask for anything without excepting the consequences it will cause as well. We see so many prayers being sent up and so many replies being rejected because it is not taking a palatable form. A non judgmental universe means that it responds to necessity and not to any personal whims of the fleeting moment.

Prediction is the enemy of free will. The power is in the not knowing, and everytime you nervously check a timeline you weaken its results. As impossible as it sounds, you need to have faith that this will all work out for the best, and sit patiently in the power of the moment.

The nature of the dynamics in which we are living are so vastly complex that the living experience should follow no uniformity what-so-ever. The indoctrination of humanity has caused a mass dulling of all senses, and it has perverted the means to return to them in their original form altogether. The response divinity replied with was our own personal evolution who when achieved (eclectic as it may be), will unite in perfect synchronicity to liberate her as a whole.

Below are blessings for “us all” if you wish to accept these, please make a mental note mark of that subject on your choice.

Archangel Camael invites you to explore new talents and abilities. Call upon her to help you start the flame of your fires.

Archangel Chamuel invites you to sit firmly in peace. It’s a state of being and not a meditation, allow Chamuel to help guide you to a more harmonious thought process.

The Amazonian Warrior Queen Mayra wishes to help you realize your physical connection to all things natural.

Archangel Gabriele invites you to have a conversation about you personally. Its an intense experience but well worth your time. Can be accessed in meditation or in sleep state.

Archangel Raguel invites you to recharge your essence with laughter and the warmth of friendship.

Archangel Verchiel has decided to take the edge off of life by dulling the edges of all swords of humanity.


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