The Archangels are behind you, Archangel Michael’s Message, Preparing for New Friends, Energy for Your cause

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0D23D544∞A31111∞A3∞”

We are still in the direct line of the 1111-1212 gate which is allowing for many new energies to intersect. Prana Amya continues as Mass Christ Consciousness Season is full alive and well, with an amount of ascensions that rivals no other effort this universe has ever seen.

Kudus to the kiddos (Hybrid Angels, Hybrid Dragons and Light/Love-Worker legions) who bounced back from last nights attack with great power and ease to defeat the threat.

I will not get into why, but even though we all work together daily, Michael rarely speaks or appears to his clan. He never comes unannounced and he never comes appearing as his younger self. So when he came dressed as his younger self, with a message, its good that we all listen up and hear it. It was clear that he had the blood of his main opposition on his blade and did not wish to tell of his victory.

“Just tell them they that they are all safe and we are in full control.” – Archangel Michael

Back story … Michael has been moving from galactic to earth positioning for some time now. If you think that this is effortless … It’s not.

We have reported a volcanic accident during a black mass. If you are wondering who, do a fast Google search on who is wearing an orthopedic boot, cast etc. Keep both eyes peeled we see the human traitors clearly being marked for you.

Today’s Weaponry for the pure of heart that expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

– The triple flame which has shifted to two parts violet and one part green, is run by Archangel Zadeikiel, Archangel Germaine and Archangel Raphael and it is a passive tool.

This beautiful flame is taking route from the Sun to local targets and has an element of healing within the transmutation flames. It is with great joy that we report, that we do not need to transmute to the extreme we did on this sunrise marker prior. In addition we do not wish to alarm our guests with our battle linens.

– Thor’s Hammer (if you can lift it) has many uses too numerous too list.

Amazonian Queen Mayra’s Staff (Her Short Avatar list: Medusa, Goddess Amethyst, Archangel Mayra) various purpose great, all around tool.

– Archangel Orion’s Star Shaker a staff of emense power, twarter of deception, re-arranger of the stars and great for castle sieger. To be noted, its a great combo with Mayra’s staff.

– Archangel Isaac’s Sword similar to Michael’s sword just lighter and more compact.

– Archangel Sandalphon’s Broad Sword two handed cuts through literally anything. Must have great balance to yield.

Artemis and Apollos Bow and Arrow long rain specialty tool.

Assignment Related:

Archangel Azrael came rolling in chains in hand, clearing out the dark masses with reckless abandon. Clearly he has assigned himself to transmutation.

“Laziness will be their major downfall, they have defeated themselves by their own sword of the same name.” – Archangel Azrael

Note* Archangels are really hard for children to take in. Angels usually ask them about superheros and try to assimilate to that look and feel. The Angels have adopted this game of sorts and call each other superhero nicknames. If you can imagine Ghost Rider you can imagine Archangel Azrael much easier these days.

Archangel Camael and Archangel Raziel are assigned to upgrades and ascension routes.

Archangel Raguel is assigned for moral and light heartedness throughout these changes.

“The upgrading will not stop they will accelerate, the only difference will be their reaction.” – Archangel Camael

“That is the point, discovering hidden potential! Even we are surprised at how magnificently the birth of this new energy manifests in this 5D-6D concentrated reality.” – Archangel Raziel

The understand of “the law of Balance” is pivotal for these incoming energies, there are good and bad in ALL groups and in ALL beings. Even the greatest multidimensional beings in existence, has a few naysayers among them, provided their are degrees to this, but true never the less. This is also true for the worst of us as well, there are always a few lights among the darkness. This is done so that consciousness always has a way to choose a different path.

“Every grouping has a grumpy Smurf” – Archangel Claire

We are making way for 12th Dimensional beings to send ambassadors. The Archangels are very excited about this because they consider many of these beings siblings. They (12D Family) wish to welcome us to their frequency, please make them feel welcomed.

The precipice of positive energy that has taken over the negative energy, has placed the will of the “pure hearts” in the drivers seat for the next 13,500 years. At such time, when darkness normally takes over, it will be run by a different faction of source to avoid any further issue.

What will replace the darkness? It’s indescribable, as it is conscious like all of us, and it will evolve many times over. It’s purple in color, meaning it’s benevolent, a much kinder gentler balance shall exist for sure. Just keep in mind how raw this energy is and do your best not to interfere with it, as its in a stage of infancy. It feels a lot like the magical quests and tests of the mythical realms only more sensitive.

What happens to the darkness? It is the job of management to assign all of its working parts to places where it can best succeed. To be noted, It takes all the power of the controlling elite with it as well, leaving them naked, shaking and cold in the mythical forests of time.

Quantum weirdness, its about to get weirder.

Much like when any war ends, the family’s of the soldiers start to celebrate as the clean up continues, knowing that work is to be done, but their children are finally safe.

There are many layers to dissect, and because you can expect many energy surges to help you win your many battles: Antivax, humanities freedom, financial enslavement, medicine, plant freedom, the overthrowing of the ruling class, destruction of the RCC and its enslavement calendar, you WILL have MASSIVE MOMENTUM, now is the time to move forward.

We say Puja asking for a peaceful world, and infinitely expanding creator source keeps saying “so do it”. The same way a mother would tell a child to clean its room, if it smelled funny. We like children still shout, why universe, why!!!

Now I am well aware at a human level, we did not make this mess on our own, but we for certain left the door open and unwanted guests created much of this for us. To be clear this is not your FAULT in the traditional sense, but you best believe it’s your RESPONSIBILITY.

To be noted many Light/Love workers have accidentally defeated mass avenues of darkness many times over, imagine if (as a whole) we actually tried to do something productive.

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  1. i fELt the dark entities attack yesterday, especially around 8:30 p.m. central time. they could not penetrate my he❤️rt but they did get into my mind…until i realized their cunningness and cast them out. Praise Be to God!

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