The 444 gate has opened, Black Friday and Standard Friday

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0D13D443∞A31111∞A3∞”

I’m divine essence and timing, the 444 gate has appeared in the Archangelic Calendar, this gives Archangels and their Legions Direct Access to this physical now. They will be working overtime, those who can should be working diligently today as well being syphoned from 3D black Friday and The usual Friday night energy drain.

Much like the prior sunrise, a giant gap was placed upon this day, a void that all who usually use this day for darkness, will fall into for direct transmutation. The dark practice of black Friday involves the direct energy syphon of the modern slaves (Everyone minus about 5k people) just to be clear.

The very 3D Black Friday is not something anyone should engage in … Even though we have a hole lot of angels representing the color black, the term is a very organized dark sypher. They are informing you this in the name as Friday is Friyas day who is a cleanser. They are cleaning the world of what they call the Black Team which used to mean beings of dark completion, but now means the 8 billion earthlings. This was binded by a treaty the original earthly traitors made for their favor.

Note* Goddess Friya does not work the Roman Catholic Calendar of her own free will. It is very important that we discern the goddess, from the Roman Catholic Churches forced use of her power. While I could write a novel on how this is accomplished, and the magnitude of beings they use to do this, i digress sharply, as the RCC has been dis-empowered. Much evil was done in the name of divinity, divinity has been forced to put an end to this no matter what it takes, and it has taken much.

The things that society tells us to chase are always meaningless acts of pointlessness. The 3D timeline has been placed upon humanity for that purpose to keep earth in a meaningless loop with no goal line. The darkness knew we couldn’t be defeated so they keep us walking in a holographic desert, life time after lifetime.

There was debate whether or not the term “Black Friday” is a term that was used in an annual slave auction of the same date. When in need of info, we always consult with the greatest Spy in existence, AA Zophiel. Who says there is a misconstrued notion of truth in this statement.

Yes, the term was used on Fridays when slaves were discounted, but it was not exclusive to the day after the celebration of the genocide they called thanksgiving. It happened very often, mostly whenever inventory was too high.

One must be aware that the family’s that run planet earth very directly, which is only about 5,000 of the almost 8,000,000,000 people currently here are the same original earth traitors, and we’re past and current slave owners.

Gaia wishes to point out that she could comfortably sustain double or triple this population, as there is a system of balance in nature. That being said the raise in consciousness on planet earth will also cause nature to balance.

In the higher realms the darkness has realized the christ-ed many has already been achieved and it is futile to put forth any more effort. We are in the process of rounding up.all threats that still remain.

That being said every Friday at Sunset this same group of said beings syphon humanity every earth Friday at sunset. We must fight back as always, bring transmutation tools to their dark rituals.

A giant triple violet flame will be engulfing all of physical existence and acutely removing unwelcomed dark energy. This specific flame will be maintained by the white witches which is why we see movement in the sacred flame and white witch marker place setting. Forming a circle with Archangel Metatron they embue-ed these motions with great love.

Looking directly at a fire will yield interesting results, violet comes through in many ways but the fire has a consciousness unlike anything earth has ever seen before.

Naturally the Dragon Clans of the Blue Family will be assisting with the Triple Violet Flame. All other Dragon energy is available for transmutation purposes.

An aspect of the universe has awakened that has not been previously awakened before. It is ancient and modern, bears great light and it has merged with Krishna’s Boar Avatar.

Today’s Weaponry for the pure of heart , expires the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

The triple violet flame is available until further notice, it is passive and aggressive. The violet flame is taking route from the Sun to local targets.
Thor’s Hammer
Archangel Asrael’s Code Breaker
Archangel Michael’s Sword
Archangel Isaac’s Sword
Aethena’s Bow and Arrow
Kali Ma’s Dagger


Archangel Ouriel is in charge of removing ever last negative conscious energy off planet earth.

Archangel Nasaragiel is kicking ass and chewing bubble gum, and he’s all out of bubblegum.

Archangel Israfil will be despensing assignments on all other color flames. As well as freeing the free will of humanity, after much examination the free will of humanity was never granted and those that have taken it are responsible for this karma-atic debt (for lack of a better term).

“If a demon is poking at you, they have been assigned to awaken a higher avatar of yours, defeat them and set you both free.” Archangel Ouriel

As mentioned before we see movement in the sacred flame and white witch marker because of prior activities. We also see movement in Lakshmi’s rising which means earths treasurer has reason to celebrate.

The reason why this is necessary is that besides the fact that linear time is the chains that bond man kind it also makes it impossible for divine help to arrive in divine essence and timing. With the Archangelic Calendar it marks events and cosmic time markers the same way the star races do.

To help you digest this … It is like playing checkers against chess, sure the pieces fit on the same board, but they have an entirely different function all together depending upon what rules you are playing.

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