The Gates of Heaven – 11-11 – 12 -12 Gateway, Sacred Flame Inferno

Prana Ayma Season continues as the 11-11 12-12 ascension gateway (Gates of Heaven) have fully opened and is fully operational. This is the largest ascension gate ever created as it has been given the personal name “the Gates of Heaven”, as this will allow us to bypass the very detailed explanation as to of what that actually is. Which is explained below …

1111 in binary is 15 in decimal, if we segregate the two 11’s, 11-11 is 3-3 in binary conversion to decimal which is also the conversion to numerology via binary.

1111 is the number 6 in numerology, or 3-3 if your perceiving it that way. 1111 is also the letter F (Also a Pure Number in Archangelic Calendar) in hexadecimal and it is marked as “∞0B41B612∞6A101∞A3∞” in the archangelic Calendar.

12-12 is 10010111100 in binary. 4BC in Hexadecimal. 3 -3 in numerology (if you view it this way) or 6 if you view it that way.

Again we see the 1111 gate present in the quantum binary codes. This binary gate code does not end until 12-16 according to the 3D calendar which is in-line with when this gateway will be completely closed and it also coincides with the end date of the Prana Ayma Season.

We are in a place of zero resistance, making all manifestations for our highest good and effortless.

This gate has been set to ascend 4.5 billion hopefuls, a task never before attempted.

Galactic Federation of Light brings their portals fully online with the Arcturian Multi Dimensional Rainbow bridge and the 11-11 12-12 (Gates of Heaven) Ascension gateway, which is the only way large energies or groups can enter at this juncture.

To help you digest this, envision a center point of all energies from all dimensions, galaxies and jurisdictions; a very complex grand central station of sorts.

Many upon many have already ascended fully into 5D upon your arrival to this moment.

When the Holy Spirit (so to speak) entered many moons ago it was pure white, which was governed by divinity, AA Gabriel, AA Raguel, AA Chamuel, AA Verchiel and AA Metatron (Vishnu). In this current NOW hybrid 5D reality, the Rainbow Holy Spirit has taken its place, this conscious energy has too many contributing parties to list.

We continue to see the Archangelic Number of Union (101) indicated in the calendar.

Mercury transits the Sun leading into the Fully Opened light Pillar of divinity (Full Moon).

The Sacred flame has burrough-ed through Millennia of dense matter. Which is why you see the drastic jump in the sacred flame time marker to a pure number in the sacred flame position. To access those moments in between you would have to be directly involved in this metaphysical event as there is no way to navigate it without prior knowledge of its inner workings.

As the complete breaking point was hit and light overcame darkness. We are standing on the line that was dawn about to fully go over the wave of momentum. You will see a flip effect. Whatever is left of darkness will be banging their heads against a wall trying to swing it back to their direction, not realizing it was a swing set in place by forces way above their comprehension, to allocate at said place and time. This was recorded in the Archangelic Calendar (A) and it indicates the sacred flame inferno end point.

Remember the official calendar turn of the Archangelic Calendar starts at 4AM, 3AM or 2AM depending on your regions Day Light Savings Practices at the time. Your best indication is what time you are awoken in the middle of the night by the 3AM meditation bells.

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