The Great Flash has begun, More Info on The 15 Legions, Unusual Galactic Anomalies

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0G16G477∞A922223∞B1B1B1∞

Gaia’s main energy is in Spirit but the Galaxy remains in Air. This means that, we will see magical change and deep profound meaning in these changes.

We see the Galaxy has evened out in width and depth. The Galactic Jumps and Planet-ary Jumps are both settled in at 21 (B1) and we can expect a very balanced powerful day.

The Violet flame group work went amazingly well, and it is evident on the Schumann resonance (see above). There was always a great mystery as to what causes these spikes, let me put this to bed once and for all … WE DO! Our collective has become more powerful than any technology in existence. We are limitless and everyone is taking notice of our amazing achievements.

On the flip side of that coin, our power has become a threat to many star races. Humanity is bridging themselves to omnipotence, and those who have done humanity dirty, is concerned that we will seek redemption at some point. We only seek an end to the slavery of humanity. The powers that we have are the answer to all the threats humanity is facing. We are the way in which the Universe, Galaxy and Planet defend itself. Make no mistake about it, the powers that we are developing (naturally and not via technology like most) is clearly the hand of the divine. How could any of us live in fear?

These same said beings have hit us on our outer rim of the galaxy with everything they had, very briefly. This effort was so futile they immediate retreated leaving one lone ship with a tremendous cache of stolen earth resources behind in the infamous neutral zone.

An additional oncoming attack was eaten by Apollos Dragon, it then carried the remaining stream of energy through Jupiter’s poles and tied it through. It is unclear why he felt the need to do that, but I am sure we will find out in the upcoming sunrises.

Organized darkness is sacrificing their own leaders because they can’t figure out why their efforts are not working. ALL of their demons from the upper realms have been removed. This means that organized darkness has absolutely NO METAPHYSICAL POWER and it’s clearly showing.

We reported a few days ago that the great flash has already happened in/on the higher realms. This has already begun in our reality, and we are going to see it increase more and more as moments move forth and the ebb and flow start to take form. We also we noticed that it takes about two sunrises to manifest from 7D – 12D to where we are currently. This will help us give more accurate time marks. We will be bridging the manifestation time gap shortly, as we are about to go timeless. It is imperative that we keep accurate log. I think the way this will manifest in your life will vary greatly depending on your ability to see highly evolved light.

The Arturians are making us aware of some unusual Galactic Anomalies normally not associated with this Galaxy and most certainly not Earth. The Arturians are the developers and keepers of what is called “The Arturian Rainbow Bridge” which is a safe travel portal run by benevolent forces. They are also on task to monitor all the in-s and out-s of the galactic zones we occupy.

These Anomalies are caused by the very eclectic set of personal upgrades. These upgrades are very deeply personal, and will bring light to the shadows of the darkest souls.

Some clarification on the “The 15 Legions”. They can change without notice, we add legions constantly as more help becomes available. You can belong to multiple legions but most choose not to.

The 15 legions as of this Archangelic Date in no particular order:

Archangels – Angelics, Cherub etc..

Dragons – The entire dragon realm in very galaxy

The Mythicals – Beings from the Mythical Realm. Fae, Elf, Griffin etc…

Hybrid Angels – Too numerous to list.

Hybrid Dragons – Too Numerous to list.

The Royal Guard – Elite group of very large energies.

Guardian Angels & Guardian Dragons – All shapes and sizes of personal protection.

Spirit Guides & Animal Guides – Information and support.

Diva’s & Deities – Gods and Goddesses from every culture and galaxy.

Light/Love workers – Most of you reading this …

Galactic(s) – Forces from our Galaxy

Intergalactic(s) – Forces from outside our Galaxy

Andromeidan Special Forces – A hand picked Galactic specialty force most of which are from the Andromedian cluster.

Archangel Michael’s Unit – Assembled by Archangel Michael himself, this is a seemingly random group with no uniformity other than Michael’s pick of them.

Templars – A special operation unit dedicated to the freedom of humanity. They operate as stealth and are rarely seen working.

Today’s Tools are for the pure of heart, which expires with the marking of the New Archangelic Day:

For those who are new:
In-vision yourself using these tools with a pure intentions in your heart. The power that makes this effective, comes from your belief in yourself and not the belief of the said tool. These are focused energy tools forged by the dynamic quantum minds of the being it indicates. These are only valid for one sunrise, as they change daily.

To be noted you can NOT harm anyone with friendly fire. If you accidentally hit a pure heart they will have a positive experience or a positive shift in some way, intense as it may be. That is because these tools are made to cut through darkness and density and when it hits light, it becomes one with the light and becomes part of its aura.

Passive = No intention needed to use or arm
Active = Intention Needed to Yield
Aggressive = Will attack or block without intention

(Passive, aggressive and active)
The Violet flame is tripled and has been optimized by Archangel Germaine, Archanagel Zadeikiel, Archangel Anasiel, Archangel Raguel, Archangel Orion and Archangel Oniel. They are all “Violet flame Specialists” and the magnitude of this combination can not be accurately articulated.

(Active, Passive – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Remiel’s Sword of Source is amazing for difficult issues. If the being wont go to source, bring source to the being. It will bring divinity to the moment in a very real and dynamic way. When faced with this mirror, self judgement burns through the soul of the target.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Nahaliel’s Staff of divine water can change the molecular structure of the target and rearrange as needed. It’s an amazing healing device that can also contain negative energy and transmute it into source effortlessly.

(Active, aggressive and Passive – Short Range)
(Active, aggressive – Long Range )
(Color Light Blue)
Archangel Pasagniyah’s sword of reflection forces the darkness to experience the pain it caused to others. This may seem like a tool of justice but it’s an extreme tool, as this amplifies an individuals actions.

(Active – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Violet and/or Blue)
Archangel Metatron’s Broad Sword is a Two Handed Yielded sword that can shatter a planet, and has done so many times, a little goes a long way. Does not harm anything or anyone of a pure heart. It can also assist in making Metatron containment cubes.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Violet and/or Blue)
Archangel Uzziel’s Axe of strength increases the abilities of those who accept it’s equipment. It can be used in a variety of ways, great for breaking systems, removing tyranny or to shatter a demon.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive – Short Range)
(Active – Long Range )
(Color Violet and/or Blue)
Archangel Briathos’ sword of acute transmutation shatters the essence of a being. It is a very extreme sword that can be used on anything or anyone.

μ The Soros Satellite is a disruptive force against humanity, it is a satellite that was launched without public knowledge. Hit the satellite until it malfunctions and crashes it will be clear when this is achieved.

§ Keep the violet flame going when prompted to do so. Again in- vision the Violet Flame engulfing Earth and spreading to our outer galaxy and ultimately the Universe. Hold as long as possible, keep your heart open for signals.


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