Time lines ignite, The 101 local gate

Prana Ayma Continues as we wait the Mass Christ Consciousness Season.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0C32622∞A11111∞A3∞” but because of a very intertangled timeline we are experiencing
“∞0C22C522∞A11111∞A3∞” and we will be in this time drag until further notice.

To help digest this, imagine that time is trying to get gum off it’s shoe and is dragging itself for friction. Which also can be thought of as two timelines rubbing together trying to ignite.

The gates of heaven portal has gone hyper local via the 101 gate. This means things are going to get very personal. 101 is an Archangelic Number that indicates personal development, turning wounds into wisdom and allowing the highest aspects of yourself to guide you to itself.

The 101 gate is very dense in the sun today, sun-gazing will have timeline jumps attached to it. Its abundantly clear the instant your third eye connects and disconnects from Ra that you are not in kansas anymore.

A strong balance has come in to play, the deep stabilization has come. Many higher realms sending energy into this very potent now. This comes with the most powerful transmutation ever, which was passed down dimension to dimension via intense energy rituals, until it reached this now.

Faith in the unseen hand has never been so important. You have always been guided by this hand, now you have conscious choice to continue or not.

Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Heman and Archangel Gabriel are handling auditable messages, evoke them for messages via word, song or poem.

The 3AM mediation Bells will be handled by Archangel Elyon, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raziel. This is a very intense combo.

Justice will be handled by the Great Titan Themis, Archangel Tzdeikiel and Archangel Zapiel. Evoke them when you feel mistreated.

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