Infinitely Expanding Creator Source, Prana Amya/Pre-Mass Christ Consciousness Season, The great shake, the testing of 3’s, Ohm calling

Prana Amya continues as we are hitting the great shake. Which coincides with the Testing of 3’s. Divinity is handling this directly which bypasses all realms and brings a giant level of uncertainty to this now.

The three horns have sounded “The great shake” has begun, it is a metaphysical event that changes the awareness of all life in this Universe. Nothing will escape this new paradigm, as it originates from the deepest and most profound aspects of divinity.

Testing of 3’s continues as many will be tested. If you haven’t received a test of faith yet, you wont be tested at all. If you have been tested once expect to be tested thrice … Faith is front and center.

Some beings have released all of their guidance, in order to test themselves … This is not the case for most, as we are already inside the closing gate.

To those of humanity who decided to go it alone, great fortune!

To be noted … Even after you leave your body, you will not get assistance without permission. This is a freewill issue and is a perfectly valid road that can be taken at any point, some even have great success on this path.

Once uninvited … angels do not return easily, unless you planned it together of course. There is a level of respect needed when dealing in these realms. Its best to stay blinded and ignorant, then to become aware and to be held to a higher standard, in these scenarios.

Many angels weep for this …

Much protection has been returned to the collective which will increase the Angelic Presence for those of faithful heart.

Today’s Chant: Ek Onkar

Ek Onkar means that there is one creator, from there all life stems. One Source, god, what we call Infinitely expanding creator source, etc…

Creator is a noun and a verb and can not be accurately described by anything or anyone. Hence the reason we have different perspectives, to reflect divinity back to divinity, in a massive effort of giant self discovery. It doesn’t know what it is because it grows too fast to classify, hence this is why we see so many varying points of view it keeps seeking perspectives … What chance does mankind have to put this in a bottle and sell it?

Infinitely expanding creator source is too large to micro manage ever cell in its body. Much like our bodies has a passive defense system against viruses aka “us all”.

The body of the universe is not to be confused with infinitely expanding creator source, its much, much larger and expands much faster. So much so, all personality must cease at that level because expansion is to powerful to focus.

The great masters of all races have been called home to “comfort castle” 5D-6D to sit quietly and safely behind the castle walls, knowing full well we have done all we can do on the lower timelines.

There are 6 transmutation flames running at all times.

The horses have left the gate how fast 4 become 6. Archangel Azrael, Archangel Azriel, Shiva, Kali Ma, Anubis and Archangel Michael.

All is in motion, keep close to each other in safety and comfort.

Ignore much of what is being told to you.

Don’t follow the herds.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0C22C522∞A11111∞A3∞”

Gates of Heavens Archangelic Gateway Key Codes for those of pure heart. With ill intentions nothing can enter. You can meditate on them or pass them along to those who need them. These change often be diligent.

10001010111 then …

“Ye’ o’ little faith will see mountains crumble to ashes.”

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