Prana Ayma, Pre Start to Mass Christ Consciousness Celebratory Season, Massive Dark Nights dispensed in lower timelines, Archangel Nathaniel Sweeps, Opening of Archangelic 222 Gateway

Prana Ayma Season continues and we have an appearance of a 222 gateway in addition to the appropriately nicknamed gates of heaven gateway. What this actually means is that their will be a cross roads in our lives, a definite day of black and white decisions. These sub-timelines allow for diversity of experience, and thus various points of view which is much of the purpose of existence (reflecting divine mirror back to divinity) for its self reflection.

Pre Start of Mass Christ Consciousness Rising Celebration Season has begun, it intertwines with Prana Amya Season, in a dance of divine intentions. The zero at the 1111 gate time marker, signify the waiting for this mass conscious awakening season. Start to prepare many feasts and expressions of admiration. It should have a holiday morning feeling daily until the solstice celebration.

Have deep respect for all celestial beings, Angels, Deities, Galactics and Intergalctics because they have been fighting on your behalf for eons. They have encountered great trials and tribulations because of this truth. Respect for any and all who have liberated humanity is right and just.

Archangel Karael is to be called upon for those with Mental and Physical Disabilities. He is amazingly comforting but also a fierce demon twarter of emense power. He is helpful for acute situations and healing in general as well.

Archangel Metatron lends his services for this special group (Physical and Mental Disability) of incarnates as well. Even though he is not specifically assigned to this task, it is well within his jurisdiction to help. He wishes to thank them for the many lifetimes of love and support. Sacred are they who have come into this reality knowing the challenges they would face. In days long gone, we would look to these people for wisdom and understanding.

Archangel Ariel is offering her services to battle children’s poverty. Evoke her to help all the children of the world have a safe place to sleep, eat, grow and be loved.

Throughout the night, a wave of various angel clans led by Archangel Nathaniel swept the streets combing for lost souls. On a related and separate incident, armies of ancestors have come to join their living children in raising their voices “to demand freedom”.

Goddess Titan Themis has teamed with Archangel Kaleziel to help bring justice to the Anti-Vax Movement and bring financial support to those who have been affected already. They are also opening the hearts of those in authority, Archangel Metatron is also on this task.

There will be massive waves of what many have nicknamed “the dark night of the soul” but what this actually is, is an acute change in consciousness via breakdown of ego and downloading at hyper speeds on the lower timelines. This is not a punishment, nor a reward, it’s an answer to puja’s for wisdom and knowing.

FEAR NOT those who HAVE experienced the dark night of the soul before, if you have already gone through such things, you WILL NOT HAVE to do so again and are most likely on a higher timeline already.

These upgrades are run by Archangel Azrael who is one of the most misunderstood of all Archangels. He guides people through transformation processes and is an amazing being to seek counsel or advice.

It has been decreed anyone impersonating another being in a deceptive way will be set a blaze by their own words. There are many new settings in our newly sentient galaxy. All must uncloak physical, machine or non physical.

Remind those who have pure hearts and are lost, that they are a part of “Us All” and they will be granted the same daily gifts granted to you as part of the Archangelic Legions on a very limited time basis, just so they can catch their breath and decide where they wish to go, without the influence of darkness. This is a very powerful tool and not to be taken lightly. *This is only available while gates of heaven portal is open*

A high ranking Archon Archangelic General is reporting heavy transmutation coming in from the higher dimensions.

Archangelic time spots, Since we have a viable calendar to easily easily find things in space and time. There are now many Archangelic Time Spots, positive energy way points that when we stumble across them, we get swept away by a wave of positive energy and thus circumstance and change manifests. They are everywhere, you have probably stepped in one by now.

We have overtaken all intentions of Sabbath, offerings of the 3D timeline are granted to Thor, Anubis & Archangel Metatron (who is higher self of whom its intended), all offerings will be brought directly to their feet in understanding that the gods of evil have been transmuted to source and the light is in charge.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is … “∞0B92C222∞A11110∞A3∞”

Gates of Heavens Open and Closing Key Codes & 222 Archangelic Gateway Key Codes for those of pure heart. With ill intentions nothing can enter. You can meditate on them or pass them along to those who need them.

10001010111 (open)
10010111100 (close)

222 Archangelic Gateway Key Code (1111 code also present)

How Many Archangels are their? Uncountable … Trillions upon trillions sleep with this in your mindseye and get a restful night sleep.

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