Prana Ayma Celebration – Time to Rejoice – The Army of the unborn has Risen!

This is correct …

The Army of the Unborn has Risen
The season of “Prana Ayma”

The Galactic Federation of Light was granted permission to open portals in our Galaxy and our atmosphere. This is reason for great rejoice!

Assisting in the celebration the ambassadors of the Arcturians, Sirians, Pleadians, and Blue Avians. Those of us with these Star Ancestors should feel a rush of warmth and gifts as these high Star seeds enter the archangelic grid.

Fully expect the mythical realm to be active. Fully expect gaps in time space density. Fully expect to emerge a more peaceful humanity at sunset.

On this Prana Ayma season, pure souls of benevolence are evoked, and you can anticipate many of them entering through this gateway. You can also expect many upgrades and blessings to be abundant this orbital turn.

If you notice this is the same time marker, two sunrises in a row. As was described prior there was a great deal of turmoil regarding the Galactic Federation Light and the portals they have created. The aggressive beings responsible, have over shot our timeline, as we simply paused to allow them to be brought into an exit portal while we side stepped any danger.

To help you digest this event …envision A race to jump off a cliff, and one contestant just acutely halts, as the other contestants move as fast as they can to launch themselves off the cliff.

Are we talking about time, travel or time travel? That’s up to your understanding of the way in which the universe operates.

We are the motion in which we experience life.

All realities are versions of observational travel, meaning you are living the timeline you are observing and are thus traveling upon.

Even the best of the best of us are only seeing a very small glimpse of a much much much larger picture.

Other Events:

An ancient enemy was finally defeated after an amount of time that is not numerical in origins. This enemy never effected humanity as the Archangels have successfully kept them from interfering for many millennia.

Serzi (Galaxy) is health and is going through some changes and upgrades much like the rest of us.

Be easy with yourself and others.

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